Mud Bay Wetlands

Learn about wetlands in Surrey and where to enjoy them. 

January 28, 2021
Parks & Recreation Release

Around 3.5% (1115 hectares) of Surrey’s surface area is freshwater wetlands and other aquatic habitats including lakes, ponds, and rivers. Wetlands take many forms and can easily hide from our view – have you ever noticed how fields flood in certain areas or certain ponds dry up over the summer?

Many animals take advantage of these diverse conditions. In fact, most wildlife use wetland habitat at some point in their life cycle! Birds in particular love to stop by Surrey in the winter to take shelter and find a bounty of food in our various wetlands.

How Wetlands Help

Wetlands are important for us, too. They are critical to maintaining watershed health and resilience. They act as filters to improve water quality, help prevent flooding, and provide hotspots for us to view wildlife. They are a huge supporter of biodiversity in Surrey.

Wetlands tend to fly under the radar – they are hard to spot or might just appear a little messy. But next time you see a wetland area that might not seem like anything special, try to think about all of the benefits they bring to us as part of the City’s green infrastructure.

Visit Surrey's Wetlands

One of the best spots to enjoy wetlands in Surrey is the Serpentine Wildlife Management Area where you can enjoy a 3.5km nature trail along the dyke. How many bird species can you count? Learn about the common birds of Surrey before you go. The trail will also take you along the Serpentine river – keep your eyes peeled for harbour seals as they have been known to swim up the channel from Boundary Bay.

5th Annual World Wetlands Day

Semiahmoo Bay Society hosted their 5th Annual World Wetlands Day event virtually on February 2, 2021. Speakers discussed:

  • Biodiversity and wetlands in Surrey
  • Salmon and the importance of estuaries for their survival
  • Invasive species threatening wetlands
  • Estuary plants

Watch the Webinar