A patron visiting a recreation facility.
September 22, 2020

Facility Safety Plans:

In accordance with Worksafe BC requirements, each facility has an approved safety plan which details control measures that will be used to reduce risk of transmission. Measures include elimination of commonly touched items, establishing occupancy limits, cleaning and hygiene practices, installing physical barriers, rearranging work & public spaces, revising policies and procedures and identifying the use of personal protective equipment for staff. Communication to the public and staff training are integral to the plan. Additionally, outside user groups are required to have their own safety plans in place before being allowed to participate at any of our facilities.

Beyond implementing directives from Worksafe BC, the Provincial Health Officer, and Fraser Health, the City of Surrey has also implemented our own Occupational Health & Safety procedures at each facility. These combined measures include: health screening questions upon entry, directional signage, separate entry and exit points where possible, reduced capacity to maintain physical distancing, staggered start times to reduce the number of people entering a facility at once and health messaging throughout the facility.

Certain activities (i.e. fitness centres, preschool, gymnasiums, arenas, indoor pools, arts) have additional protocols in place developed with applicable industry associations and provincial bodies such as ViaSport.

Cleaning Protocols:

Following direction from the BC Centre for Disease Control, the City of Surrey performs general surface cleaning and disinfection a minimum of once per day and cleaning and disinfection of high touch points a minimum of twice per day.  We also perform additional cleaning and disinfection when necessary.

Staff Training:

Recreation and Culture staff are required to take both virtual and on-site training on safety plan details, and all applicable updated policies and procedures. Training modules are being updated regularly and additional modules are added as new information becomes available.

Monitoring & Forecasting:

As facilities gradually reopen and programs begin, we will monitor our procedures over the coming months and update them as necessary to ensure the health and safety of patrons and staff. Any changes to procedures will be widely communicated. We will also continue to collect data from global, federal, provincial and local authorities to inform future scenario forecasting. This forecasting helps us understand the range of impacts and responses that are likely required. Our plans are adapted continually as new data emerges.

The City of Surrey will continue to provide guidance on required safety measures to both residents and staff.  Find more information on general facility protocols.