A preschool teacher and two children.

Preschool programs are designed to promote healthy growth and development throughout a child’s early years. 

March 12, 2021
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Come Grow with Us!

The City of Surrey offers licensed preschool for children aged three to five years. Our play-based preschool programs are designed to support the image of the child: who is curious, capable, creative and confident. We aim to inspire the children to work and learn both collaboratively and independently according to their interests.  

Children in preschool have a chance to develop crucial life skills, through curiosity and wonder! Our certified Early Child Educators and instructors specialize in guiding quality programs to help children reach their full potential in a positive, welcoming and safe environment.  

The City of Surrey’s licensed preschool programs run from September to June. All programs are designed to promote healthy growth and development throughout a child’s early years. Learn more about the 2021/2022 year in our Early Years Preschool Parent Handbook and the 2021/2022 Preschool Brochure


All children registered in City of Surrey licensed preschool programs are offered a wide range of activities. Supported by the British Columbia Early Learning Framework, licensed preschool programs promote inclusive activities, meaningful conversation and deep reflection. Through discovery and inquiry children actively engage and feel an ownership over their learning and developing. 


Children (and even adults) need to play. Play is integral to our well-being and learning. In the early stages of a child’s life, play is the foundation for all learning. Through enactments, observations and interactions, children explore and learn about social skills. With support from Early Childhood Educators, who understand the value of play, children feel safe to take risks, (social, emotional, cognitive and physical), that help them learn about themselves, others and their surroundings.  


Our preschools are designed to invoke curiosity and wonder. Teachers observe the children, ask meaningful questions and support developmental domains though kinesthetic exploration and investigation.  

Knowing the importance of outdoor play; time is given to engage with the outdoors and develop strong connections to nature and its elements. Exploring is a great way to encourage curiosity.  

Being in a state of curiosity and wonder is known to activate the portions of our brains that support problem solving. This development supports being able to forecast and make predictions about possible outcomes. It also supports attention span and self regulation. 

Registration for 2021/2022 Preschool Programs is Now Open

Our programs are offered at over 25 convenient locations across the city.  

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