Children and swimming instructor in the pool.

We’re staggering fall program registration over two dates: Sunday, July 30 at 9pm for most programs, followed by Sunday, August 13 at 9pm for aquatics programs.

July 14, 2023
Parks & Recreation

Though your day-to-day may consist of fireworks, festivals and flip-flops at the moment, falling leaves, farmer’s markets and flannels lay just around the corner. Summer may be in full swing, but the time to start planning your fall activities is now! 

Whether you choose to pursue familiar passions or explore new interests, we offer countless activities to help you make the most of the upcoming season. Fall often symbolizes evolution; as such, we’ve made several improvements to our online registration system, including our latest enhancement: staggered registration dates. 

Staggered Registration for Fall Programs

July 30 at 9pm (Most Programs)

August 13 at 9pm (Aquatics Programs)

For the first time ever, we’re staggering fall program registration over two dates: Sunday, July 30 at 9pm for most programs, followed by Sunday, August 13 at 9pm for aquatics programs exclusively. ‘Aquatic programs’ include swim lessons and lifeguard training, while ‘most programs’ include everything else. Registration for all programs will continue until they are full. 

Our fall program registration process remains unchanged from our improved summer program registration process that launched on June 4. With the exception of two registration dates (July 30 and August 13), all the same steps will apply. If you’re unfamiliar with the online registration improvements that we launched on June 4, continue reading below for a full recap! 

Recent Online Registration System Improvements 

Staggered registration is the latest improvement to our online registration system to help provide a fair and reliable user experience. Splitting up registration dates will help offset the load on our system and provide greater efficiency for those solely interested in popular aquatics programs, such as swimming lessons. 

In June, we launched our new virtual waiting room—an additional measure to help regulate high volumes of online traffic on our website. The virtual waiting room automatically secures your place in line and provides a timed countdown to receive access to the registration process. 

Additional improvements included a simplified login process and a new secure redirect registration link on to enhance the stability of our system and increase the odds of successful registration. 

Ready for a season of evolution? Before you pack up your pickleball paddle or hunt for a new hockey stick, review our top tips to prepare for online fall registration! Afterwards, view the digital version of our Fall Recreation Guide beginning July 19, or pick up a copy at your local Surrey recreation centre or library after July 22. 

Before Registration Day(s) 

Add/Remove a Family Member(s) From Your MySurrey Account

Families who register online should be using only one MySurrey account. That means all adults residing in the same household should be using the same login credentials (email and password) to access their MySurrey account.  

If multiple accounts exist within the same household, please call 604-501-5100 from Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm and a customer service representative will merge the accounts on your behalf.   

If you wish to add or remove a family member from your account, email and provide your name, birth date, phone number and the name and birth date of the family member you wish to add or remove. A customer service representative will reply to your email with confirmation of your request. Alternatively, you can call 604-501-5100 and a customer service representative will be happy to help. 

Upon registering, be sure to select courses for all family members first, then pay for all courses at once.  

Securely Store Your Credit Card Information

Storing your credit card details on your Recreation Account may seem like a small detail, yet it’s an effective method of streamlining the registration process. Not only will it help you avoid the frustration of repeatedly entering the same information, but it can help you save time as well—and during registration, every second counts! 

If your credit card details are stored already, it’s equally important to ensure that the card you have on file is up-to-date. Having to update an expired credit card can result in costly delays during the registration process. Rest assured, your sensitive information is used for payment purposes only and held in our safe, secure system. 

On Registration Day(s)

Enter the Virtual Waiting Room Between 8:45pm and 8:59pm

Make sure your chosen device (PC, tablet, or mobile phone) is fully charged. Use Google Chrome to select the registration link on and log into your MySurrey account between 8:45pm and 8:59pm. Upon logging in, you’ll be immediately redirected to our new virtual waiting room. Here, you’ll be able to view your position in line and observe a countdown to when you can view and register for activities.  

There is no benefit to logging in any earlier than 8:45pm (15 minutes before registration opens). The virtual waiting room provides equal opportunity for everyone through a randomized process that begins at 9:00pm. If you log in earlier than 8:45pm, you’ll need to refresh your browser page after 8:45pm to enter the virtual waiting room. 

Those who log in to their MySurrey account after 9pm will be added to the virtual waiting room on a first-in, first-out basis. 

Once you advance from the virtual waiting room, follow the usual registration process; select your activities, complete the checkout process and prepare for fall fun! 

Don’t Close Your Browser

If you close your browser at any time during the virtual waiting room stage, between 8:45pm and 8:59pm, your place in line will be lost, and you will have to re-enter the virtual waiting room.  

Additional Tips

While our recommended tips can help increase your odds of successful registration, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will secure a spot in your desired program or activity. If your registration attempt is unsuccessful, we strongly encourage you to join a waitlist as soon as possible. In the event of spots opening, our staff will call waitlisted individuals in the order that they joined. 

For complete step-by-step guides, how-to videos, FAQs and more, visit our Registration Help page. You can also email, call 604-501-5100, or visit any Surrey Parks, Recreation & Culture facility for more assistance. 

Good luck and have a fantastic fall!