Bear Creek Park Walking Track

Recreate outdoors with safety in mind.

November 24, 2020
Parks & Recreation

With the change of seasons comes the inevitable darkness of the winter months. For most of us, recreation moves indoors, but we can still recreate outdoors with safety in mind. 

  • Wear light coloured clothing when out walking. In winter we tend to wear darker colours, making it difficult for others to see us. Choose a lighter coloured coat instead and layer up for warmth. 

  • Walkers and runners should consider either wearing reflective strips or purchasing reflective athletic clothing.  

  • Inexpensive LED lights can be attached to zippers or dog collars (don’t forget Fido!) Flashing lights work well on bikes. 

  • Use your cell phone to light up your way. Most phones come with a flashlight feature which can be handy both to see where you’re going and have people see you. 

  • Bikers should stay on designated bike lanes where possible. 

  • Whether running, walking, or biking, let someone know your intended route and choose well lit, well travelled locations with good sightlines. 

  • Walkers may want to consider walking on outdoor athletic tracks, both for comfort and safety.  These tracks provide better traction and with their rubberized material are easier on the joints. The new walking track at Bear Creek Park includes lanes for slow and fast walkers and is lit at night. 

  • If you can, exercise outdoors midday, instead of early morning or after work. Having a midday break also provides an energy boost and the combination of daylight and exercise increases serotonin, the feel-good hormone. 

We hope these tips are helpful and you stay safe and active this winter in Surrey.