Learn about the safety measures we're taking for day camps in Surrey.

June 1, 2020

It’s time to ditch the screens and have fun safely with Recreation Surrey’s outdoor summer daycamps, running from July 6 to August 28, 2020. We’re taking a cautious approach in only providing camps that we feel can be adapted to meet all health protocols while ensuring that we’re running camps across the city.

What can you expect at daycamps this summer?

Expect games and activities with physical distancing top of mind, but done in the great outdoors!  Craft tables spread further apart and kids provided with their own supplies so that they’re not sharing. This year, it is smaller camp sizes and camp ratios.

This means that kids will have interactions with limited camp leaders for the entire week (even those requiring 1:1 support) and they will be in small groups no larger than 8 kids. Expect the same level of fun, but no mixing with other groups. This should make kids feel more comfortable, especially if this is their first time at our daycamps.

Help your child prepare for daycamp this summer by reminding them that while they will be enjoying many of the same kinds of activities as usual, things will be a little bit different.  Hand washing breaks will happen more often throughout the day and any sports played will be non-contact.

With an outdoor focus, it’s especially important that kids have clothing for all kinds of weather and a change of clothes (in case they get wet), not to mention hat, sunscreen and water, as water fountains will not be available.  Camps will move inside in the event of a rain day or smokey conditions, but the emphasis indoors will be the same…spread out and have fun.

If your child exhibits any signs of sickness (sneezing, coughing, etc.), they will not be allowed to come to camp. Kids and staff will be screened daily, so please allow extra time for drop-off, especially on the first day of camp.  If a child becomes sick at camp, they will be isolated for everyone’s safety and parents will be immediately notified.

Finally, please remember that this is a highly unusual year and that things could change. Camp locations or procedures might change, or camps may be cancelled if transmission rates go up or a community outbreak occurs.  Rest assured that any changes will be communicated immediately and will always be done with health and safety in mind.