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Parks are a beautiful place for small wedding ceremonies. Learn how to successfully celebrate your special day in a Surrey park.

As of May 1, 2022 permits are required for professional and group photography at Elgin Heritage Park and Historic Stewart Farm. Call 604-501-5050 or email to book.

A limited amount of professional and group photography permits will be available for The Glades Woodland Garden for fall 2022. Email for more information.

General Guidelines

All guidelines for hosting a wedding in a Surrey Park outlined below are in accordance with the Surrey Parks, Recreation and Cultural Facilities Regulation Bylaw 13480.

Ceremonies may be set up in a vacant location on open lawn without restricting access to other park users.

You may use tape and/or string to secure decorations. Refrain from using staples or nails as they may damage park structures. Do not staple or nail decorations to trees.

Throwing rice is not permitted as it attracts unwanted pests.

The use or release of balloons is strongly discouraged as it can seriously harm wildlife.

Candles (or any open flame) are not permitted in any Surrey park.

You may use one 10x10ft tent with tent weights (preferred) or small pegs (4-6 inches). You may not put up larger tents, pergolas or other structures.

To minimize damage to the grass from chair legs, we request that the number of chairs be kept to a minimum and that you use chairs with horizontal bar legs and not peg legs.

You may use a small portable stereo or microphone for your officiate. Power hookups are not available at any park site.

Do not use large speakers to amplify voice or music. DJs and live music are not permitted.

Smoking or consuming alcohol is not permitted in any Surrey park.

You may have your event catered. However, your caterer must not solicit or advertise business in the park and may only serve guests of your party.

If you are barbequing, ensure you follow barbeque guidelines.

Consuming alcohol is not permitted in any Surrey park.

Smoking is not permitted in any Surrey park.

All garbage and recycling must be disposed of after your event.  Take your garbage with you to avoid overfilling the park bins.

Decorations and flowers (including flower petals) must be removed immediately following your ceremony.


Professional and group photography is allowed in Surrey's parks when the below guidelines are followed.

Elgin Heritage Park & Historic Stewart Farm

Free photography permit

Professional and group photography at this location requires a no-cost permit. 

Due to a high volume of inquiries, submit your request at least seven days before your photoshoot. Once processed, we will email you a permit.

Book your photography permit using the online form linked below or call 604-501-5050.

Book your Photography Permit

Limousine and chartered buses

Limousine and chartered buses are not permitted to park on-site at Elgin Heritage Park and Historic Stewart Farm.

  • Drop-off is at the roundabout by Ward’s Marina.
  • Use off-site parking for the duration of the session.

Learn more about Elgin Heritage Park.


The Glades Woodland Garden

The Glades Woodland Garden will be available for a limited amount of permits for professional and group photography in fall 2022 during Public Garden Openings. 

  • Photography permits are not yet being issued for the Glades Woodland Garden.

For more information:

Learn about The Glades Woodland Garden.


All Sites

  • Stay out of garden beds.
  • Do not use smoke bombs, coloured powder, or other such devices.
  • Drones are not allowed in Surrey Parks without permission from the General Manager of Parks, Recreation & Culture
    • A flight permit must be on your person if asked.

Parks Available for Weddings

Park Name Park Address Park Amenities Site Restrictions

Bear Creek Park

13750 88 Ave

Park gardens, outdoor wedding chapel, public art features, open lawn, picnics shelters; Bear Creek Park Pavilion is available for rental.


Redwood Park

17900 - 20 Avenue

Open lawn, natural meadows, picnic shelters.

Weddings are not permitted in the Arboretum.

Fleetwood Park

15802 - 80 Avenue

Park gardens, garden art features including labyrinth, open lawn, picnic shelters.


Holland Park

13428 Old Yale Road

Park gardens, amphitheater, water features, public art, open lawn

Limited parking available.

Crescent Park

2610 - 128 Street

Open lawns, pond, meadows, picnics shelters.


Elgin Heritage Park

13723 Crescent Rd

Open lawns, historic buildings, views, gardens & orchards.

Historic Stewart Farm runs regular park programs & events. Call 604 591-4627 to check the schedule.


*open lawns refers to grassy areas that are not sports fields.

Parks Not Available for Weddings

Weddings are not permitted in the following parks:

Contact Us

Park spaces cannot be reserved and park use is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you have your ceremony details, email with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Contact information (number and email)
  3. Date and time of your ceremony
  4. Park location
  5. Number of guests expected

This will help us keep track of crowds and will allow us to inform you of City events or other large parties expected in the park on the same day. This is not a reservation. This is for record-keeping purposes only.

Thank you and enjoy your special day!