Darts Hill Azalea View Scarlet Black

Discover the rare plants, floral garden beds and sculptural art throughout Surrey's display gardens.

Surrey’s public display gardens are vibrant and diverse, showcasing beautiful colour and inspirational designs.

From the rare and extraordinary flora at Darts Hill Garden Park, to the woodland gardens in The Glades, and the labyrinth and sculpture art in the Fleetwood Gardens, you'll find a tremendous variety of flowering plants, shrubs, trees and art work in the display gardens of Surrey.

The Glades and Darts Hill both have seasonal openings. Before visiting these gardens, please check their webpages first to see when they are open to the public.

Display Garden Locations in Surrey

Garden Address Town Centre Status
Bear Creek Gardens 13750-88 Avenue Whalley Open year-round
Darts Hill Garden Park 1633 170 Street South Surrey Open seasonally
Fleetwood Gardens 15802 80 Avenue Fleetwood Open year-round
Gratitude Garden 2290 156 Street South Surrey Open year-round
Hawthorne Gardens 10503 144 Street Whalley Open year-round
Holland Gardens 13428 Old Yale Road City Centre Open year-round
The Glades 561 172 Street South Surrey Open seasonally
WaterWise Demo Display Garden 144 Street & 57 Avenue Newton Open year-round


For questions about any of the display gardens listed here, contact partnersinparks@surrey.ca or 604-501-5050.

See our community gardens page for more information on where you can plant your own garden.