Our Recycling

Our commitments

We know you care about the environment, and we work hard to minimize our environmental footprint. We work with festival attendees (that's you!), staff, other organizations, and volunteers to ensure that our waste doesn't go to the landfill and is properly recycled.


We partner with Green Chair, a recycling and waste managment service. Before the festival, we set up 10 full recycling stations throughout the event area, plus a compost bin within the Production Tent. At each recycling station, a friendly volunteer helps people put their waste in the correct recycling bins during the festival. At the end of the festival, we again sort our waste. The end result? With a team of 4 staff and 20 volunteers, we are able to recycle 338 kg of materials and achieve a diversion rate of 95%!

  • Organic waste composted: 193 kg
  • Refundables: 10 kg
  • Total plastics (hard and soft): 28 kg
  • Mixed paper and cardboard: 106 kg
  • Metal: 1 kg
  • Total waste diverted from landfill: 338 kg
  • Event garbage (non-recyclable): 19 kg
  • Diversion rate: 95%

Thanks to your support and mindfulness, our recycling efforts were a huge success year after year. Looking forward to making 2018 even better and greener!

Recycling volunteers