Green Surrey

Here are some of sustainability initiatives in Surrey! To find more, check out the sustainability section on the City of Surrey website.

Energy Shift 4

Energy Shift 4 is a new City of Surrey workshop offered to grade 4 classrooms across Surrey.  Booked in 125 classrooms in Surrey this school year, this workshop explores energy conservation in terms of what we can do and the choices we have. We explore renewable and non-renewable energy in engaging and hands-on ways to investigate that energy comes in a variety of forms. Students learn the links between energy, greenhouse gases, and climate change. We also have fun building mini solar scooters that move with the power of the sun.

Check out this video of two students from Fraser Woods explaining how solar energy works.

Green at Home

Surrey residents share some stories about their goals to reduce waste in the home, implement green options and strive for a more sustainable future.

SHARP Community Education Team

The Community Education Team visits schools, daycares, and community events in Surrey to educate residents about our natural heritage and what they can do to preserve fish and fish habitat.

See SHARP teams in their green shirts with the bright yellow fish, throughout the summer and fall each year. We'll be working in and around watercourses to improve fish habitat and teach other community members about this important resource in Surrey.


Check out the Party for the Planet performers, and find out what else will be cool to do at the event!

Join the conversation with @Surrey_Events on Twitter (the Party for the Planet hashtag is #P4TP) and catch the latest news and photos on the Party for the Planet Facebook Page!