Sustainability is a key priority for the City of Surrey and its five major events, and the City of Surrey has prioritized making all Surrey major events as environmentally friendly as possible in 2020 and beyond.

Current Initiatives

The following sustainable initiatives have already been introduced to the City’s events.


Styrofoam products have been banned from the City’s major events since 2012. This product will continue to be banned as it is non-recyclable and ends up in the landfill.

Compostable Straws & Cutlery

All food vendors must provide only compostable forks, knives and spoons and straws to customers.

Waste Diversion

Special Events will contract Green Chair Recycling to provide waste diversion services and reporting for all major events in 2020.


New Initiatives

The Special Events team will implement the following new initiatives in 2020:

Single-Use Plastic Ban

Special Events will implement a single-use plastic ban in 2020, including eliminating the sale of plastic bottles to attendees. All events will have free water refill stations. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle to fill. Food vendors will be prohibited from selling bottled beverages. Boxed or canned water or soda sales will be permitted. If attendees do not bring their own reusable water bottle, water stations will offer compostable paper cups for attendees to use.

Compostable Serving Dishes

All food vendors must use certified compostable paper food dishes and trays. Food vendors are responsible for sourcing and confirming the composability of their serving dishes. Vendors must confirm with suppliers that the paper products are not lined with plastic materials. This includes:

  • Wooden cutlery
  • Paper containers and napkins
  • Paper straws
  • Paper cups

Certified compostable hard plastic products will not be accepted as a compostable material.


Tips to Go Green at Party for the Planet

  1. Walk, bike, carpool or take public transportation to the event.
  2. Bring your own water bottle and fill up at any of our water refill stations on site. Stay tuned for an updated map.
  3. Locate all waste stations on-site and follow our Rethink Waste Diversion Guidelines. Stay tuned for an updated map.
  4. Pack a tote bag with you in case you want to purchase anything.
  5. Bring your phone! We encourage you to take photos of our map and program to reduce paper handouts. 


We couldn't do this without the generous support of our sponsors. If you're interested, we'd love to chat. We look forward to working with companies and organizations ready and excited to share their love for the community!



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