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Following a unanimous motion of Council, the City is moving forward to establish a police department in Surrey that is accountable to a local Police Board and responsive to the changing needs of our growing and diverse city.

In May 2019, the City completed its Transition and Implementation Plan outlining the rationale and process to establish the new police department within the next two years. A series of citizen engagement events were held through May and June 2019, and a report went to Council on July 22, 2019 summarizing the themes of the feedback received from citizens regarding the transition.

The transition will occur in several key stages: 

Surrey Policing Transition Timeline: Steps Completed

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  • STEP ONE: Council Motion - Completed November 5, 2018 expand
    • On November 5, 2018 a unanimous motion of Council initiates the transition to a municipal police service. 
    • Provincial and Federal Governments are notified of the City’s intent to terminate the current agreement for policing (Municipal Police Unit Agreement) 


  • STEP TWO: State of the City - Completed May 7, 2019 expand
    • Launch Surrey Police brand
    • Mayor provides an update on the transition process in the annual State of the City address
  • STEP THREE: Citizen Engagement Launches - Completed May–June 2019 expand
    • Consultation and engagement events begin providing citizens with an opportunity to learn more about the transition and provide input on their priorities for the new Surrey Police Department.
  • STEP FOUR: Submit Transition Plan - Completed May 22, 2019 expand
    • Transition Plan submitted with input from Vancouver Police Department and City of Vancouver under a Technical Assistance Agreement 
  • STEP FIVE: Report on Citizen Input to Council - Completed July 22, 2019 expand
    • Citizen feedback collated into a report to Council to inform decision-making on the implementation of the Surrey Police Department 
  • STEP SIX: Interim Police Transition Advisory Committee Established - Completed July 22, 2019 expand
    • Interim Police Transition Advisory Committee established
  • STEP SEVEN: Approval of the Transition Plan - Completed August 22, 2019 expand
    • The City received the green light from the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General to establish Surrey’s municipal police department.
  • STEP EIGHT: Establishment of Joint Committee - Completed August 22, 2019 expand
    • The Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General and Mayor McCallum announce a joint committee to oversee the police transition process to be chaired by the Honourable Wally Oppal.
  • STEP NINE: Joint Committee Submits Report - Completed December 23, 2019 expand
    • On December 23, 2019 the joint Provincial Municipal Policing Transition Study Committee completed its study of all areas requested by the Director, Police Services and forwarded the report to the Chair,  Hon. Wally Oppal. 
    • The Committee has reached consensus on the proposed approach to establish the Surrey Police Department.

Surrey Policing Transition Timeline: Steps to Come

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  • STEP TEN: Appointment of a Police Board expand
    • Once approval is received from the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General the Surrey Police Board is established. 
    • Board candidates are selected based on their skills, qualifications and ability to represent the citizens of Surrey.
  • STEP ELEVEN: Recruit Chief Constable expand
    • Recruitment of the Chief Constable and the SPD senior executive team begins.
  • STEP TWELVE: Officer Recruitment and Infrastructure expand
    • Officer Recruitment and training begins
    • Implementation of new infrastructure underway
  • STEP THIRTEEN: Surrey Police Department Established expand
    • Surrey Police Department legally established
    • Handover with RCMP (in development)
  • STEP FOURTEEN: Municipal Agreement Terminates expand
    • Municipal Agreement with the Province for RCMP terminates

More information will be provided as the implementation stage progresses and new elements of the transition blueprint are put in place.