Apply for a Finish Basement Building Permit for finishing the basement of a townhouse unit

You need a Building Permit in Surrey to renovate a townhouse or condominium unit where the scope of work may include:

  • the exterior envelope,
  • adding new walls or moving existing walls, and to
  • finish the basement of a townhouse unit.

A building permit is not required to change flooring, cabinets, countertops or plumbing fixtures. However, separate Plumbing, Electrical and Sprinkler permits may be required.

How to apply

Complete the Building Permit Application Form and submit the required documents, plans, and fees to the City of Surrey's Building Division by email, or in-person by appointment.

Digital permit intakes

Planning & Development permits can be submitted by email to Before submitting your application, please review the Digital Submission Guideline. You will be contacted once we have reviewed your submission.

All permit application processes will remain the same, apart from receiving the physical document copies. Hard copies of permit application submissions may be necessary and requested depending on the scope of work and project size, upon completion of the digital submission.

Professionals you may need

A Registered Professional (RP) is required if any structural element of the building is affected. A Schedule B is to accompany any signed and sealed drawing.

Required documents

Include the following documents with your Building Permit:

  • a Building Permit Application Form;
  • an Owner Authorization Form (if the applicant is not the owner);
  • Strata Council approval if the proposed work will involve plumbing (excluding repair work), any structural element of the building, the exterior envelope of the building, or take place outside the building. In these cases, the involvement of Registered Professionals (an architect and/or an engineer) are usually required;
  • a Schedule B is to accompany any drawing that has been sealed and signed by a Registered Professional; and
  • a Coordinating Registered Professional is required if there is more than one Registered Professional.

Required drawings

Include the following plans with your Building Permit:

Refer to the Finish a Townhouse Basement Bulletin for examples of acceptable drawings.

Other drawings that may be required are:

  • an elevation drawing if an existing basement window will be enlarged;
  • architectural drawings if a new window well will be installed; and
  • a plumbing isometric drawing if plumbing piping will be installed as part of the permit.


The Building Permit fee is due at the time of application for your Finish Basement Building Permit and it will be based on the declared value of construction.