Look up a property's zoning and land use information online, and save yourself a trip to City Hall.

Save yourself a trip to City Hall. Nearly all residential property and building information you would access at City Hall is available online. Look up a property's zoning, maximum house sizes, survey certificates, utility connections, land use and assessment value.

Zoning, Land Use, & Underground Utility Lookup

Use COSMOS to find out a property's zoning, or about land use, and underground utilities.



    Maximum house size and lot size search in COSMOS

    Follow these steps to find the maximum house size and lot size in COSMOS. Work with your designer to meet the siting/construction perimeters once you've determined them.

    1. Select 'City Map' from the map type selection prompt, enter the address under 'Address Search' and hit enter.
    2. On the left hand side of the page under 'Search Results' you will see a wide variety of information about your property.
    3. Click the 'Print Property Report' link to generate all of the pertinent information into an easy to read report. The size of home you can build is based on each lot's zone.
      Under the 'Zoning Details' heading you will find the zone that your lot falls into (it will be two letters such as RF, RA, RF-12, etc).
    4. Click on the zone highlighted in blue and it will bring you to the By-law Library. Here you will find information regarding maximum building size, lot coverage, setback requirements, building height and more.

    See more COSMOS training videos

    Building Information

    Use the Building Records Search application to find:

    • A copy of your survey certificate (to show property lines)
    • Copy of a Building Permit (includes issuance date)
    • Final occupancy information
    • Square footage of a building
    • Copy of survey certificate
    • Inspection notes
    • Oil/Gas/Septic tank information

    Learn more about submitting a Building Records Search online, or go directly to the Building Records Order page.

    Building Plan Copies

    The City may have floor plans on file for your home. To see if plans are available, call the Building Records Centre at 604-591-4369. Once we've confirmed plans are available, visit the 2nd floor Customer Service Counter at City Hall to have your plans printed for the appropriate fee.

    Plans are printed for a fee which is payable by debit, credit or cheque. If you are an agent acting on behalf of the owner, you will need to present the front counter staff with an Owner Authorization Form signed by both yourself and the property's registered owner(s).

    Multi-Family Dwelling and Commercial Unit Plan Copies

    If you intend on accessing plans of a Multi-Family Dwelling or Commercial unit, a complete Strata Property or Non-Strata Property request form will be required when visiting the 2nd floor Customer Service Counter.

    • Non-Strata Property request form
    • Strata Property request form
    • Strata Council Minutes sample

    Comfort Letters

    A comfort letter is a formal letter provided by City staff who prepare a summary/overview of the property. Information is compiled based on existing historical information in the City’s records.
    This information can include (but is not limited to):

    •    Any outstanding violations against the property
    •    A written record of permits and occupancy dates
    •    Confirmation of zoning
    •    Heritage status
    •    Histories of grow operations
    •    Environmental concerns
    •    Fire Inspection dates (only for Commercial/Industrial)
    •    Any outstanding invoices against the property

    A comfort letter does not provide copies of documents.
    Please fill out the request form and return it to City Hall's 2W Service Counter, or mail the request form and cheque to the Planning & Development Department.
    The applicable fee can be paid via cheque, debit or cash in person at City Hall's 2W Service Counter. Staff will not process the request until payment has been received.
    Comfort letters are typically provided within 5 – 15 business days.
    To learn more about comfort letters, contact ComfortLetters@surrey.ca or 604-591-4366.

    Engineering Drawings

    Find a list of matching engineering drawings (as-builts) to open, view, save, or print.

    Enter part of the project number in the box.

    Property Report

    Create a report for a Surrey property to see maps, legal descriptions, assessment values or utility connections.

    Enter a valid Surrey address, in the format 14245 56 Ave (use abbreviations St, Ave, Blvd, etc.)