The City plans to widen 100 Avenue between King George Boulevard and 140 Street.

Project Description

The City is widening 100 Avenue between King George Boulevard and 140 Street. 100 Avenue will be widened from a single lane road in each direction to a proper 4-land, median-separated arterial road standard.

The upgrades will include:

  • the addition of left turn bays at intersections
  • improved street lighting
  • sidewalks
  • grade-separated cycle tracks

This project will also connect 138A Street to 138 Street. This will provide improved access and circulation for the local neighbourhood.

Public Meeting

A drop-in style meeting was held on January 24, 2018 to share plans for this project. View the project boards (100 MB).

What will this project achieve?

This project is part of a multi-phase widening of 100 Avenue from King George Boulevard to 160 Avenue. The project will improve the corridor connection for all modes of travel between the increasingly busy commercial districts of Surrey City Centre and Guildford. New multi-modal infrastructure will create a safer, more comfortable and more accessible environment for pedestrians and cyclists. The increased traffic capacity will also help relieve congestion.

Work includes:

  • Construction of 4 lanes to support current and future traffic volumes, with no provision for on-street parking
  • Construction of raised medians and left turn bays to improve traffic safety
  • Installation of one-way cycle paths, located next to the sidewalk, supporting pedestrians and cyclists
  • Installation of pedestrian facilities and street lighting to provide a more pedestrian friendly environment and improve visibility
  • Access restriction to right in and right out only at 100 Avenue at 137A Street and 100 Avenue at 138A Street
  • New signalized access at 100 Avenue and 138 Street to improve access to the local neighbourhood
  • New pedestrian crossings at 100 Avenue and 137A Street

Project Timing and Location

Construction is anticipated to complete fall 2019.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact the City of Surrey Project Manager: Victor Jhingan at 604-591-4339 or