The 105 Ave Connector & Hawthorne Park Improvements Project will support our increasing population.

Project Background

The 105 Avenue Connector and Hawthorne Rotary Park Improvements Project (Corporate Report No. R223) was approved at the Regular Council Meeting on November 6, 2017. Council’s decision to approve the Project came after careful consideration of the need to balance the area’s growing transportation demands, plans for sustainable development in City Centre and along 104 Avenue, and active and natural areas for a community park.

The Project will make short-term investments of $3 million in amenity enhancements to Hawthorne Rotary Park. The many deliverables include:

  • Connecting City Centre to Guildford Town Centre with a green, multi-modal collector road
  • Acquiring over 5 acres of adjacent high quality, bio-diverse natural areas, increasing the overall size of Hawthorne Rotary Park by 1.0 acre
  • Incorporating and protecting approximately 450 trees through the acquired properties, resulting in a 200 net increase in trees within the Park
  • Adding 500 replacement trees planted within the corridor boulevards, providing a total net increase of 700 trees throughout the project area
  • Removal of the existing parking lot and greening of the space with a grass field for picnics and play
  • Enhancing environmental and biodiversity elements within the Park, including new wetlands and a salmon rearing habitat
  • Customizing the corridor to provide maximized boulevard design for large street tree growth, above-standard space for cyclists and pedestrians, and new Park access points for neighbours.

Project deliverables reflect a balanced approach to overall sustainability for the long-term.

Learn more about the history, background and planned improvements by reading the Corporate Report, as well as information from previous community consultation available below. An Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the 105 Avenue Connector and Hawthorne Rotary Park Improvements Project is also available.

City staff is committed to working collaboratively with School District 36 to create a Memorandum of Understanding on short-term improvements and long-term plans for Hjorth Road Elementary. Staff will also continue the conversation on improvements to Hawthorne Rotary Park through the Hawthorne Rotary Park Master Plan process.

Project Update from Public Meeting #2

The City hosted a second public meeting on December 6, 2017 at Riverdale Elementary School to share the latest project updates. Attendees were invited to:

  • Review project history, context and goals
  • See what’s changed – how public input has shaped project design
  • View conceptual renderings of the initial Hawthorne Park improvements
  • Learn about the customized corridor, sustainable road features and the Project’s phased implementation plan
  • Explore design possibilities and contribute ideas to the longer term Hawthorne Rotary Park Master Plan.

Public Meeting Materials

Project Update from Public Meeting #1

As part of the feedback received from the first public meeting on June 7, 2017 at Guildford Park Secondary School, where we had strong participation, we have made the following changes:

  • There will be a net increase in total parkland space by 1 acre, taking into consideration 105 Avenue, proposed park parking lot changes and the proposed acquisition of identified properties adjacent to the park;
  • The proposed plan will result in a net increase of 200 trees in the park;
  • Additional environmental habitat areas will be added to the park;
  • Park amenities will be improved and new amenities added; and
  • The previously identified 142 Street connection to 104 Avenue is no longer being proposed as part of this project.

Project renderings

We are pleased to share the conceptual plans for the proposed Hawthorne Park improvements delivered as part of the proposed 105 Avenue project. This draft conceptual plan was developed based on the feedback we heard at the June public consultation meeting, and includes Park improvements such as:

  • New wetland habitat,
  • Removal and relocation of the existing parking lot and roadway, and replacement with green space,
  • Enhanced entry feature to the Park,
  • An additional 200 trees, and
  • A net increase of Parkland by one acre.


Preliminary 3D rendering of 105 Avenue Connector and initial improvements to Hawthorne Park.


Bird's eye view of park improvements, including new wetlands habitat.


Detailed artistic rendering from View 1 – Looking south to 105 Ave along new pedestrian walkway. 


Detailed artistic rendering from View 2 – New Park Entry and Gateway Plaza from 105 Ave & 144 Street.

More information on the changes is provided below under Public Consultation.

Project Map and Hawthorne Park Improvements and Mitigation

(View map as full sized pdf)

Project Overview

The 105 Avenue corridor project is a two-lane road between Whalley Boulevard and 150 Street.

This project is included in the City’s 10 Year Capital Servicing Plan and will include:

  • A two-lane road (one travel lane in each direction) for vehicles;
  • Separated bicycle lanes within the raised boulevard providing a safer riding corridor;
  • Sidewalks improving pedestrian connectivity within the neighbourhood;
  • Improved intermodal (cycling, pedestrian and vehicle) access to Hawthorne Rotary Park;
  • New traffic signal at 140 Street and a roundabout at 144 and 148 Streets; and
  • Enhanced street and pedestrian lighting along the corridor.

Alternative Approval Process

As part of the City’s standard review process of land tenure for projects it was discovered that Portions of Hawthorne Park, Park Reservation Bylaw 1979, No. 5812 exists on an area of Hawthorne Rotary Park.

This bylaw would need to be removed to both construct any portion of 105 Avenue and to conduct important utility relocation work. In order to remove the Bylaw 1979, No. 5812, an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) was initiated. This process is regulated under Section 84 of the Community Charter and requires those that are opposed to the removal of the bylaw to submit elector response forms to the City indicating their opposition. 10% of the Surrey electorate must indicate their opposition, in order for the removal of the Reservation Bylaw to not proceed. Elector response forms were received by the City on September 22, 2017.

This alternative approval process was to remove portions of the Park Reservation Bylaw for Hawthorne Rotary Park only. It does not affect other parks, nor the remainder of lands not covered under this bylaw. Find out more about the Park Reserve Bylaw, 1979, No. 5812 in a report presented to Council on July 24, 2017.

Project Guiding Principles

The 105 Avenue connector project is a comprehensive and complex project. The City’s five project principles guiding the project are:

  1. Deliver a critical collector road for the neighbourhood
    • This is essential for access and circulation in the community.
  2. Improve access to, and use of, Hawthorne Rotary Park
    • Increase the exposure of the community level park for more residents of Whalley and Guildford to use. ​Impacts to Hjorth Road Elementary School’s outdoor play field from the Phase II alignment are anticipated. The City has initiated discussions with School District No. 36 regarding the project plans and is committed to implementing mitigation measures and, similar to Hawthorne Rotary Park, evaluating opportunities for improvements to the School’s outdoor play field.
  3. Provide high quality multi-modal facilities
    • Providing safe, attractive facilities to encourage alternative modes of transportation, such as separated cycling lanes.
  4. Mitigate impacts of the project
    • Acquire compensation lands and provide investments for Hawthorne Rotary Park, as well as other features.
  5. Provide open and transparent public consultation process
    • Inform the public about the process through the project website, as well as Council and Committee updates.

Public Consultation

The City is committed to a full and inclusive public consultation process. We will maintain this early and ongoing consultation process during all applicable aspects of the project plan development.

The community will have multiple opportunities to provide input and the City will consider the public input as advice to guide the Project Principles, described above, for inclusion in the project plans.

The City will inform the community about the results of the consultation process to ensure a transparent and accountable process.

Impacts on Hjorth Road Elementary School

A section of the 105 Avenue Connector project is proposed to go through the existing outdoor playfield for Hjorth Road Elementary School. The City recognizes the impacts that this alignment has on the school, and has been meeting with School District 36 staff and members of the Board since the spring of 2017 to discuss options.

While there will be no impact on the school buildings nor the existing playground, the proposed road project would affect the current gravel playfield.

The City has confirmed its full commitment to mitigate this impact, through the delivery of an improved playfield adjacent to the site, in order to keep Hjorth Road Elementary whole and to improve conditions for existing students. We are continuing to work collaboratively with the School District to evaluate opportunities for improvements (FAQs are included above). The City has committed to the following plans:

  • Delivering a new, improved playfield by relocating the space. The preferred site is on  neighbouring properties located adjacent to the school for direct access;
  • Evaluating opportunities for improvements to the current state of the playfield, i.e. installation of a grass field, additional playground equipment, etc.;
  • Providing improved road safety surrounding the school by delivering enhanced student pick-up and drop-off areas as alternatives to current access from adjacent 148 Street;
  • Providing separated bike lanes (cycle tracks), sidewalks and pathways on the new 105 Avenue connector road to promote safe, multi-modal use of the corridor to the school.
  • Dialogue with School District 36 will continue to ensure that the school community remains safe and viable, and that the project delivers improved conditions for existing students.