The City of Surrey has plans to widen 192 Street from 40 Ave to Colebrook Rd and 32 Ave to 40 Ave.

Throughout 2019, the City is planning a series of road works projects along and adjacent to 192 Street in southeast Surrey. Works include two projects which continue widening of 192 Street to arterial standard and addition of cycling infrastructure. This is to accommodate changes in traffic volume and patterns so that current and future users can take advantage of this critical corridor safely and reliably.

What Will These Projects Achieve?

These projects are part of a multi-phase widening program to support growth in the rapidly developing Campbell Heights area and expansion of multi-modal infrastructure from Highway 10 to 16 Avenue. Road widening, left turn bays, safer intersections, and new and updated infrastructure will provide more capacity that all users can take advantage of.

These investments will ease traffic queues along 192 Street, which is experiencing growing demand to travel north to Highway 10 and south to Campbell Heights and the US border. Already a high-volume corridor that connects the City’s communities and employment lands, these road works account for current, and anticipated future, area development.

Additional area works include Anderson Creek Bridge Replacement at Colebrook Road (summer and fall 2019) and road paving of 192 Street from 28 Ave to 32 Ave (summer 2019).

Project Locations

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192 Street Widening between 40 Avenue and Colebrook Rd (Project R-1065) – Phase 1: arterial widening to 3 lanes

This project includes drainage improvements from 40 Ave to 44 Ave consisting of stormwater infiltration galleries and:

  • 3-lane widening for left turn bays, to improve flow of traffic
  • Intersection improvements, including a two-way left turn lane and painted left turn bays
  • Shoulder bike lanes in each direction
  • Streetlighting

Project Timeline: March 2019 to Winter 2020

Temporary Road Closure

A temporary 24-hour a day road closure of 192 Street between 40 Avenue and 48 Avenue will be in effect between May 6, 2019 to approximately June 10, 2019.

During this time, traffic along the affected road segment will be restricted to local traffic only. Residents, businesses and emergency vehicles in the work zone will continue to have access to their properties, but through access will not be available.

Road closures will remain in effect after hours, with access restricted to single lane vehicular traffic for local traffic only. For all other traffic, detours will be in place (see map above).

192 Street Widening between 32 Avenue and 40 Avenue Phase 2

This project includes widening of two sections of two lane undivided arterial – the first between 32 Ave and 36 Ave and the second section between 36 Ave and 40 Ave. Additionally, drainage along this segment and a new traffic signal at 36 Avenue (with left turn bays) will be installed.

32 Ave to 36 Ave (Project R-10584) – arterial widening to 5 lanes

  • Widening for two travel lanes
  • Shoulder bike lanes in each direction
  • Left-turn Bays
  • Streetlighting

Note: Multi-use pathways along this section will be delivered through land development applications.

36 Ave to 40 Ave (Project-10583) – arterial widening to 3 lanes

  • Widening for left turn bays
  • A two-way left turn lane with painted left turn bays at intersections
  • Bike lanes in each direction
  • Streetlighting

Note: The continuation of the Multi-use Pathway in this section is planned through future redevelopment.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact the City of Surrey Project Manager, Goran Corda, at 604-598-5853 or