The City is expanding the detention pond at 6491 194 Street to the south at 6477 194 Street.

Project Description

The City is planning to expand the existing stormwater detention pond at 6491 194th Street into newly acquired lands south of the existing pond site. Due to spatial constraints when the pond was constructed, the existing pond's service capacity was limited and the infusion of park amenities were not feasible.

The expansion will address:

  • Limited capacity of existing storm drains
  • Building to City standards
  • Integrating into the community setting
  • Development of park and recreation facilities

What Will this Project Achieve?

This project will:

  • Attenuate stormwater peak flows and provide flood protection as per East Clayton Neighbourhood Concept Plan
  • Improve water quality by reducing sediment and pollutants and minimize downstream erosion
  • Provide wildlife and amphibian habitat
  • Add value to the neighbourhood with park amenities
  • Enhance overall aesthetics of the facility.

Additionally, the project will deliver:

  • Viewpoints
  • Gravel walking trail
  • Benches and rest places
  • Multi-Use Pathway
  • Storm servicing & flood protection
  • 2:1 tree replacement planting ratio

Project Location

The project is located at 6477 194 Street, on the west side of 194 Street between 64 and 65 Ave.

Public Meeting

A drop-in style meeting was held on December 13, 2017. View the presentation boards and drawings to learn about the proposed changes.

Project Timing

Construction is expected to be completed in mid-July 2019.


For more information, contact the City of Surrey Project Supervisor, Tindi Sehon, Engineering Department at 604-591-4765 or