The city is constructing a stormwater detention pond and park in support of neighbourhood growth.

Project Description

In alignment with the West Clayton Neighbourhood Concept Plan, this project will support neighbourhood growth through the construction of a new stormwater detention pond  and park amenity. The project will improve water quality, reduce runoff volume, and reduce erosion potential from small, frequent storm events, in part by providing retention.

The project benefits include:

  • Meeting the City stormwater management criteria
  • Preserving high value trees
  • Providing a beautiful community amenity
  • Protecting privacy of adjacent residences
  • Protecting agricultural lands
  • Serving as a potential source of irrigation water for downstream agriculture

What Will this Project Achieve?

This project is will serve the growth of the city with stormwater detention to accommodate excess amounts of water. It is located on the Serpentine River where the activation of the floodplain is expected to become more frequent due to climate change and the effects of sea level rise. With loop trails and access to nature, it will enhance the community.

Work includes:

  • Storm sewer replacement
  • Diverting upstream flows to detention pond
  • Construction of berms at lower elevations
  • Staged construction over multiple years
  • Landscaping
  • Educational sites

Project Location

The pond site is a City-owned parcel of land located at 7347 181 Street, bound by the 74 Avenue road corridor to the north and the 180 Street road corridor to the west.

Public Meeting

A drop in style meeting was held on December 13, 2017. View the proposed changes in the presentation boards and drawings (100MB download).

Project Timing

Construction began in August 2018 and will be done in phases to allow for settlement monitoring of the containment berms. Construction anticipated to be complete by late 2022.

Contact Information

City of Surrey Project Supervisor, Tindi Sekhon, Engineering Department at 604-591-4765 or