Effective February 1, 2020, the City of Surrey is no longer a member of BC 1 Call. The City of Surrey does not provide physical locates. It is the excavator company’s responsibility to safely locate all underground infrastructure.

As-constructed drawings are available for self-serve via COSMOS. The data provided is compiled from various sources for information and convenience purposes only and is NOT warranted as to its accuracy or sufficiency.

The City of Surrey does not accept any liability for accuracy errors regarding its underground infrastructure. If assistance is required, then call 604-591-4340.

Contact the Customer Service Counter at City Hall on 2nd floor West or engineering@surrey.ca for City Road & Right-of-Way Use Permit, Traffic Obstruction Permit and Traffic Management Plan requirements prior to any construction within City road or statutory right-of-way.

When working with or in proximity to an Asbestos Cement pipe, contact WorkSafeBC for requirements and Notice of Project – Asbestos form. Review the City of Surrey's Asbestos Cement Pipe Cutting and Handling and Exposure Control Plan for more information. 

When working within 15 metres of the GVWD water main, contact Metro Vancouver at Drafting.Vault@metrovancouver.org.

When working within the Trans Mountain Pipeline buffer, contact Trans Mountain Corporation at 1-888-767-0304. For any work within 30 metres of Trans Mountain Pipeline assets, the ground disturbance safety zone must be verified by a Trans Mountain Pipeline inspector, and will require a 30-metre ground disturbance safety zone permit.