Help us shape the future of Guildford Town Centre and the 104 Avenue Corridor.

We are conducting a planning study for Guildford Town Centre and the adjacent neighbourhoods along 104 Avenue. This project will support the enhancement of this important commercial hub. It will also result in a plan to manage growth in the wider Guildford area.

The plan is being developed in partnership with residents and stakeholders to achieve desired community objectives such as more green space, an enhanced public realm, and a community heart in the town centre.

Project Update

Since Council approval of the draft Stage 1 Plan in 2019, significant progress has been made on Stage 2 of the planning process. This includes planning of the Riverside Heights Extension Area that was added to the plan in 2019, as well as transportation and engineering servicing analyses required to complete the plan.

We are now in the final public consultation phase of the planning process. The public is invited to take an online survey to review the main elements of the plan and to see how it has changed since the previous version.

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Spring - Winter 2017

Step 1: Getting Started

Winter - Spring 2018

Step 2: Exploring Options

Spring 2018 - Summer 2019

Step 3: Developing the Plan

Summer 2019 - Spring 2022

Step 4: Refining the Plan

Spring 2022 - Summer 2022

Step 5: Completing the Plan

How Can I Get Involved?

We're asking for your help one last time as we complete the plan for the town centre and adjacent neighbourhoods. An online survey is open from March 14 to April 3 to gather your feedback. We invite you to take part in reviewing the latest draft and let us know whether it meets the objectives of the plan. 

Please contact us with any questions or comments at

Plan Area

The study area is centered on 104 Avenue and runs from the edge of City Centre (140 Street) to the Trans Canada Highway. The plan area boundary was extended in July 2019 to include two small areas: a short section of 104 Avenue near the 160 Street highway interchange and the Riverside commercial node along 108 Avenue. The study area includes distinct single family, multi-family, and commercial areas.


Process & Timeline

Work in Step 1 included:

  • Conducting and compiling background research:
    • Residential and commercial market demand assessment
    • Environmental study
    • Housing profile
    • Area profile
  • Drafting the project Vision, Principles and Objectives

Public and stakeholder engagement included:

  • "Pop up" engagement at Guildford Recreation Centre (September 25) and Guildford Town Centre (shopping centre) (September 30)
  • Online survey (September 25 - October 29)
  • Stakeholder workshops
    • TransLink and transit stakeholders (September 27)
    • Affordable housing and environmental community stakeholders (October 2)
    • Development, business and rental housing stakeholders (October 2)

Review our Step 1 Engagement Summary.

Work in step 2 included:

  • Identifying opportunities for environmental protection and ecosystem enhancement
  • Developing land use and road network alternatives

Public and stakeholder engagement included:

  • Open house at Guildford Recreation Centre (March 1)
  • Online survey (March 1 - 21)

Review our Step 2 Community Engagement Summary.

Work in step 3 included:

  • Developing draft land use, transportation, and parks and open space concepts
  • Refining development, transportation, and urban design policies

Public and stakeholder engagement in the spring of 2018 included:

  • Online survey (May 7 - 30, 2018)
  • Focused stakeholder workshop at Guildford Recreation Centre (May 28, 2018)
  • Open house at Guildford Recreation Centre (May 29, 2018)

Review our Step 3 Community Engagement Summary (2018)

In November 2018, Council suspended the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT project. As a result, a review of the draft plan and additional community consultation was required. Public and stakeholder engagement in the spring of 2019 included:

Overall Stage 1 Engagement Summary (steps 1-3)

On July 8, 2019, Council considered Corporate Report R147 and approved the Stage 1 Plan. Council also authorized staff to initiate Stage 2 of the planning process.

Since Council endorsement of the Stage 1 Plan, a comprehensive review of servicing requirements has been under way to ensure that the plan is achievable. Plan refinement also includes the development of associated implementation policies and measures.

Work has included:

  • Examination of land uses in two Council-approved plan expansion areas
  • Development of engineering servicing, parkland acquisition, community amenities, and financial strategies
  • The preparation of development and urban design policies

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, engagement since spring 2020 has been limited to virtual methods. In this step, public and stakeholder engagement includes:

  • Online survey for Riverside Heights Expansion Area (July 6 - 26, 2020)
  • Online survey for entire plan area (March 14 - April 3, 2022)

Following community consultation in Step 4, staff will finalize the plan and report back to Council to seek endorsement of a completed plan.

  • Finalize plan document (Spring/Summer 2022)
  • Council consideration (Summer 2022)

Background Information

Guildford Town Centre has not had a current land use plan for many years. Older plans identified Whalley and Guildford as two commercial nodes book-ending 104 Avenue. However, once SkyTrain arrived in Surrey in 1994, development interest has favoured Whalley. That part of Whalley, now known as Surrey City Centre, is now the second metropolitan centre of the region.

Despite this, Guildford has remained an important urban centre and regional shopping destination. In 2016 Council recognized the need for a land use plan to guide development in Guildford. On June 22, Council authorized staff to undertake a planning process for Guildford Town Centre and the 104 Avenue Corridor. See Corporate Report R159. On October 20, Council endorsed the terms of reference for the planning study. See Corporate Report R230.

    Contact Information

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