We’re creating a plan to guide growth and support redevelopment along Scott Road and 72 Avenue.

In April 2022, Council endorsed Corporate Report R071 authorizing staff to begin planning along the Scott Road Corridor. The Plan will outline appropriate land uses, identify key infrastructure improvements, and secure community amenities such as parks and open space. It will also identify areas where more detailed land use plans are needed.

Plan Area

The Scott Road General Land Use Plan (GLUP) Plan Area is aligned with the future R6 RapidBus route along Scott Road and 72 Avenue.

A map of the Scott Road Land Use Plan boundaries

Process & Timeline

  • Completed
  • Started
  • Pending

Step 1: Getting Started

Step 1 includes conducting and compiling background research:

  • Environmental Study
  • Housing and Demographic Profile
  • Review of Corporation of Delta’s plans and policies
  • Public and Stakeholder engagement to identify community preferences and determine Plan Vision and Principles

Step 2: Exploring Options

Step 2 includes:

  • Identifying opportunities for environmental protection and ecosystem enhancement
  • Developing land use and road network alternatives

Step 3: Developing the Plan

Step 3 includes:

  • Selecting preferred land use, transportation, and parks & open space concepts
  • Implementation – financing strategies and development policies
  • Identifying areas for future, more detailed land use planning
  • Public and Stakeholder engagement

Step 4: Refining the Plan

Step 4 includes:

  • Final refinements to the plan
  • Development of policies and guidelines

Step 5: Completing the Plan

Staff will finalize the plan and report back to Council to seek endorsement of a completed Plan. This is expected in late 2023.

Contact Information

Kristen Lassonde
Associate Planner
Community Planning Division
Phone: 604-591-4654