For Detached Single Family Dwellings

Contractors and builders must follow these best practices when installing new water meters and boxes.

This information is intended for builders and plumbing contractors.

Please be advised that water meter boxes must follow City of Surrey Design Criteria and be accessible when requesting meter installation.

Failure to do so will delay installation and Final Plumbing Approval.

Here are examples of what are acceptable and not acceptable water meter installation practices: 


An unobstructed in-ground water meter cover

✓ Exposed boxes 

An unobstructed in-ground water meter in front of a house

✓ Easily accessible boxes

An unobstructed in-ground water meter cover

✓ Boxes with lids 


An in-ground water meter in a box

✓ Boxes with centered setters

A driveway under construction

✓ Boxes in driveways

Unaligned water meter in a box

✓ Proper meter setter depth (20-22")

Not Acceptable Χ

A pile of scrap wood outside a home

x Obstructed boxes

An unexposed concrete box

x Boxes that are exposed

Fencing in front of a house under construction

x No access to boxes 

A crooked in-ground water meter

X Boxes not aligned

Meter Box Installation Specifications

For more information, download meter box installation specifications as per the Water Meter and Service Connection Design Criteria Manual & Supplementary Specifications, May 2020, Appendix D.


For further information or clarification, contact the plumbing department at 604-591-4245.