Learn the requirements of the City of Surrey's landscaping cost estimates.

A cost estimate must accompany the landscaping plan. The standard Surrey Cost Estimate form should be used.

The cost estimate must include:

  • An additional 10% of the total estimate as a contingency amount must be added to the subtotal.
  • The cost estimate must also include the 5% GST added after the 10% contingency has been factored in.
  • All hard and soft landscaping, including all surface materials except asphalt and broom-finished concrete.
  • All retaining walls on site that are not attached to, or do not form part of the buildings
  • Irrigation and Lighting are not always required, but if they are required, or if the developer choses to provide them, then they must be included in the cost estimate.
  • The unit cost for a 5 cm calliper deciduous tree or a 3 m tall coniferous trees (the minimum size requirements for a Replacement Tree) must be at least $300.  The unit costs of larger trees should be proportionately higher.  (Thuja occidentalis or hedging cedars are not considered trees.)
  • Unit costs have to reflect what it would cost the City to contract out the work (which is normally more than what it would cost the developer to have the work done)