Find the tree and landscaping information you need when developing a property in Surrey.

If you are developing land in Surrey, you will have requirements for trees and landscape.

A planner will be assigned when you apply for your development, rezoning or variance permit. Your planner will give you the information you need start working on those requirements.

These requirements may include the following:

Tree Removal Requirements for Land Developers

The requirements may include any or all of the following items, as well as some that are not listed, depending on your arborist report, site conditions, and special directions from Area Planning:

  • Arborist Report
  • Landscaping Plan
  • Cost Estimate
  • Tree Protection Barriers
    • Your Tree Cutting Permit, Demolition or Building Permit will not be issued until the barriers are installed, inspected and approved, and all fees and securities have been paid. Read our Tree Barrier Installation and Inspection Bulletin for more information on this.
    • Barriers are required around any protected/retained trees that could be impacted by your development. This includes trees on neighbouring lots, trees on City property, and retained trees on your lot.
    • Please use your approved arborist report to determine which trees need barriers and how far those barriers should be from the trunks of the trees they are protecting.
    • Barriers must be built to standard, and remain in place during the entire construction process.
    • Contact 604-591-4675 or email to book a Tree Protection Barrier inspection.
  • Tree Cutting Permit Application Form
    • Tree cutting permits are not issued until:
      • your subdivision plans are signed
      • all other tree related requirements have been satisfied, including payment of fees, construction of barriers and submission of comfort letters.
      • your development permit receives final approval
    • A copy of the Tree Cutting Permit must be posted in a highly visible location on site throughout the duration of the tree removal process.
    • If you are removing trees from the development site, you will need to submit a completed tree cutting permit application form.
    • If trees are proposed to be removed from neighbouring properties you will need to contact the owner of the affected property and have them sign a separate tree cutting permit application for those trees.
    • Separate fees and cash-in-lieu will be required for that permit.
    • If a shared tree (any tree where any part of the trunk of that tree touches the property line) is proposed to be removed, a letter indicating agreement to remove the tree, signed by the co-owner of that tree, must be submitted.
    • Where comfort letters from the project arborist are required, the tree cutting permits must be picked up by the project arborist.

Review the fees and securities associated with tree protection and removal for land developers.