Learn more about Lymantria Moth and how the provincial government is eradicating this invasive pest.

The Lymantria Moth, a serious pest of broad-leaf trees and shrubs, has been spotted in Surrey. Lymantria Moth caterpillars feed on tree leaves and can damage forests, farms, and orchards.

Lymantria Moth management in Surrey is handled by the provincial government.

Learn more about Lymantria Moth treatment programs. For questions or concerns, call the Provincial Lymantria Moth 24-Hour info line at 1-866-917-5999.

Preventing Lymantria Moth

Help keep BC Lymantria Moth-free by becoming aware of the signs and symptoms of this regulated pest. Find out more about what to look for by reviewing the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) Lymantria Moth Fact Sheet.

If you think you've found Lymantria Moths contact the CFIA at the site above or by phone at 604-292-5640.

You can help prevent Lymantria Moth from establishing permanently in BC by inspecting your outdoor plant waste for egg masses and ensuring all green waste goes in your green bin.

If you are a resident of Surrey and have large green waste items that do not fit inside your green waste bin, call the City of Surrey Waste Collection Hotline at 604-590-7289.

Find out more about pesticide use in Surrey, including permit information and site locations.