Surrey Transfer Station

Learn about Metro Vancouver's Surrey Recycling and Waste Centres (formerly the Surrey Transfer Station).

Items that are not accepted in Surrey's waste carts may be accepted at one of Metro Vancouver's Recycling and Waste Centres.

Metro Vancouver operates the region's Recycling and Waste Centres. Currently, there is one facility in Surrey, located in Port Kells. An additional facility is expected to open in the summer of 2022, located in Newton. These facilities offer a convenient and economical way to dispose of or recycle renovation material, furniture, glass, metal, and propane tanks, among many other materials.

North Surrey  Recycling and Waste Centre

9770 192 St

The following items are not accepted in your curbside collection program and should be recycled or disposed of at the North Surrey Recycling and Waste Centre or another alternative disposal facility:

  • Glass windows
  • Carpet
  • Building & demolition material
  • Painted or treated wood
  • Non-packaging plastic
  • Clean wood*

*Please separate clean wood from other materials before going to the transfer station. Clean wood is defined as solid wood, lumber, and pallets that contain no paint, stains, glues, and chemical treatments. The wood may be pierced with nails or other metal fasteners like screws or staples.

For a full list of what is accepted, the associated fees and the hours of operation, please visit Metro Vancouver's website.

Renovating or demolishing a home? Review our Demolition Recycling Requirements.

Central Surrey Recycling and Waste Centre

Coming Soon

Metro Vancouver and the City of Surrey are developing a recycling and waste centre at 6711 – 154 Street in Surrey to increase the convenience of recycling and waste management for residents, reduce traffic and help to reduce illegal dumping.

The new facility is expected to open in 2022 and will be open 7 days a week, 363 days a year. By providing a convenient drop-off location for residents and businesses to drop off recyclables and garbage, we can:

  • Increase recycling and reduce waste.
  • Reduce illegal dumping on city streets and in public and private places.
  • Reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing travel distances.

The facility will accept material beyond what is accepted in Surrey's curbside collection program. Materials accepted will include:

  • Recyclable paper, metal, plastic and glass
  • Electronics
  • Gypsum
  • Paint and similar products
  • Bulky items such as mattresses, furniture, appliances and large electronic items
  • Yard trimmings, clean wood, and small quantities of food waste
  • Reusable materials such as clothing and books
  • Small quantities of garbage

For more information, please visit Metro Vancouver's website.

Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator

Metro Vancouver developed the Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator to help customers understand the cost of recycling and disposal ahead of visiting recycling and waste centres.

Mattresses, Furniture & Appliances

Surrey residents can schedule the free pickup of mattresses, furniture, appliances, and other household goods through the Large Item Pick-up Program.