Use these resources to learn more about the different processes for your classroom.

We are committed to increasing the awareness of waste management and sustainable living through education, early adoption and applied research. In addition to a visit to our on-site Education Centre, we encourage exploration of the wide range of available materials that map to responsible waste management and waste reduction and the science behind composting, anaerobic digestion and the creation of biofuel.

Resources for Your Class


Interactive website centered on the science of biofuels. Includes lessons and activities organized by grade level.

Build an Anaerobic Digester (High School)

Activity designed to demonstrate anaerobic digestion by having students build small-scale anaerobic digesters with 2-liter plastic soda bottles.

Compost Council of Canada

National non-profit organization dedicated to compost education and advocacy.

Waste Free Lunch Challenge

A comprehensive guide to hosting a waste free lunch challenge for your classroom or school.

Classroom Waste Audit (K-12)

Activity to introduce responsible waste management practices to children of all ages.

Print Material

School Brochure - Sorting Waste

Colouring Pages - 4 different Surrey Biofuel colouring sheets

  • waste collection truck and bin

    Play Our Rethink Waste Sorting Game!

    Learn Surrey’s waste collection rules in a fun way with our Rethink Waste Sorting Game. This game is a great resource for young children, families, teachers, and adults looking for a refresher on how to recycle and “what goes where”.

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