We're upgrading the pump station to improve flood control for the area.


Project Description

We will upgrade the Burrows Drainage Pump Station located on the south bank of the Nicomekl River, west of Highway 15. This pump station controls flooding to support agriculture by draining the stormwater that reaches the Burrows Ditch into the Nicomekl River during heavy rain periods.

The pump station helps irrigate the fields during dry summer season, which is typically June to September.  It does this by pumping water in a reverse direction out of the Nicomekl River into the low-lying ditch network within the Burrows Drainage Catchment area that farmers use to irrigate fields with.

What Will This Project Achieve?

Upgrades to this pump station and surrounding infrastructure will help:

  • Control flooding within the agricultural floodplain.
  • Increase the capacity of the existing pump station so it can pump out more stormwater to a lower level for improving agricultural drainage.
  • Accommodate regional ground subsidence (gradual lowering of the ground).
  • Reduce infrastructure vulnerability to an earthquake.
  • Renew irrigation infrastructure to support agricultural irrigation during the dry season.
  • Allow for fish to pass through more easily.

This project is part of the first phase of implementation of Surrey's Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy (CFAS). CFAS guides our work in ensuring our community is resilient, safe, healthy and prepared for coastal flooding and sea level rise. We’re putting CFAS planning into action. 

Project Timing

Construction is currently scheduled to begin Spring 2020 and will be completed by Winter 2020/2021.


For more information about this project, please contact Harry Long, City of Surrey Project Manager at 604-591-4312 or HLLong@surrey.ca.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund.

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