Learn about Surrey's Cross Connection Survey, which is part of our Cross Connection Control Program.

The City conducts surveys to help property owners identify the risks they have for cross connections.

To conduct a Cross Connection survey the City hires a contractor at the expense of the City to help the property owner identify any potential cross connection hazard inside the property that is not properly protected. The survey will be done for each industrial, commercial and institutional facility in the City and prioritized based on a risk basis.

City’s Role

  • Identify actual or potential hazards,
  • Locate existing backflow preventers,
  • Confirm proper installation,
  • Confirm the right backflow preventer(s) have correctly isolated a cross connection.

Property Owner’s Role

  • Provide access to mechanical rooms or various other locations in a facility where water is used,
  • Building plans if available or requested, and
  • Information on operation of equipment or processes where water is used.

Once the survey is completed a report will be sent to you listing any additional device required to be installed at your property to protect both the drinking water supply within your property and the City’s water system.

Backflow Preventers

As owner or tenant, you are required to have the backflow preventers installed, as identified in the survey report, at your expense.

To have backflow preventers installed at your property, follow these steps:

  1. Arrange for a Certified Plumber to apply for a Plumbing Permit from the City of Surrey, including the Backflow Preventer Permit Application. If there are any hazards being removed, such as hosebibs, notify the City prior to application.
  2. Arrange the Certified Plumber to install the required backflow preventer devices listed in Appendix “I”.
  3. Arrange a Certified Backflow Preventer Tester to test the testable devices installed.
  4. Submit the Test Report to CCCreports@surrey.ca.
  5. Allow 3 Business days for paper work the be processed.
  6. Apply for a plumbing inspection by the City’s Plumbing Inspector for all installed devices.

Review the Plumbing Permits page to get the Backflow Preventer Permit Application form and Plumbing Inspection Application.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that all existing and future cross connections are properly isolated in order to protect the drinking water quality and the health of the occupants within the facility.