Find out where to find water fill stations for bulk, non-potable use in Surrey.

Bulk water filling stations are located throughout the City and require a pre-paid access card.

Water Filling Station Locations

The City has 8 filling stations located at:

  • Bridgeview (11470 131 St.)
  • Campbell Heights (18917 36 Ave.)
  • Cloverdale (5337 180 St.)
  • Hemlock (9353 160 St.)
  • Panorama (5455 Panorama Dr.)
  • Port Kells (9781 186 St.)
  • South Surrey (2366 166 St.)
  • South Surrey Athletic Park (14600 22 Ave.)

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Pre-Paid Access Card

A Pre-Paid Access card is required to access the water fill stations. The card will work on all fill stations. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, cheque and debit cards. Credit cards are not accepted.

The cards can be purchased at the Property and Payment Services counter located at City Hall (13450 104 Ave).

The card purchase fee is $38 plus applicable taxes. The regular City water rates will apply.

Terms and Conditions

Please note this card has the following restrictions:

  • This card is non-transferable and the credit amount purchased on this card will not be refunded. Please load the card in appropriate increments.
  • If this card is lost or stolen, the balance on the card cannot be transferred to a new card or refunded. This card should be kept secure and protected at all times.
  • If this card is damaged and a replacement card is needed, you will need to pay the card purchase fee of $38 plus applicable taxes.
  • To access the card terminal at the water fill station the box has a combination lock (7926).
  • The Bulk Water Fill station will display the balance remaining when this card is used.
  • To reload the balance on this card, visit the Property and Payment Services counter at City Hall or the Surrey Operations Centre.

Technical issues with the water fill station can be reported by calling 604-591-4152.

Construction Service Connections

The use of City water for construction purposes may be allowed through the installation of a construction service connection, under the following options:

  • The existing water service connection may be repurposed as a construction service connection during construction; or
  • The ultimate water service connection can be temporarily repurposed for usage during construction; or
  • A new interim construction service connection can be installed for usage during construction.

A plumbing permit is required to install a construction service connection under any options described above. This includes an appropriate backflow preventer and water meter. See Schedule D of the Water Bylaw for related fees. 

The construction service connection will be abandoned by the City, paid by the owner, if it does not form the ultimate water service connection for the parcel.

To begin this process contact