Group of 5 youth jumping with masks on

Participate in the movement! Surrey Youth have talent and we invite you to shine.

Youth Cooking Showdown

Sign up for a chance to compete at the 2022 Fusion Festival on our brand-new Cultural Cooking Arena on July 23. Do you have what it takes to be crowned the Cooking Showdown Champion?

Register yourself and up to four friends for an opportunity to win great prizes and compete in a MasterChef type of event. Invite your friends and family to watch you face off in a head-to-head culinary battle!



Event Schedule 

12:00pm Showdown Starts
12:00pm All Fired Up vs. Basil Band
1:00pm Confident Chefs vs. Dynamo Dinner
3:00pm Eat Up vs. Food For Thought
4:00pm Grandma's Ladle vs. Hectic Habaneros
5:00pm Half Time Show
5:30pm BREAK
6:00pm Intense Flavour vs. Junior Jalapenos
7:00pm Killer Grillers vs. Lucky Lemons
8:00pm Showdown Finishes


2021 Surrey Youth Talent Showcase Recap

Alex Geo

Gyan Gawander

Manpreet Dhesi & Jaskaran Dhesi

Juppnaam Sahni

Manveer SidhuBrar

Margaret Lucas Batibasaga

Selvi Pandhi

Ashley Pater

Tiffany Jiloca

Judah Rodway

Maya McCobbina

Ritu Sharma

Urja Sood

A message from the Youth Events Squad (YES):

"We are YES, which stands for Youth Events Squad. We are a group of 13-18 year old youth who meet every week with the City of Surrey Youth Engagement Team to plan and organize events to host for the youth of Surrey. We plan events annually which include a basketball tournament, an arts café, a talent show, and cooking competition. We collaborate with one another to create the best event possible opportunities for the youth of Surrey. We have an amazing time working with each other and learn so much with every meeting. There are so many wonderful people you meet along this journey and create a network of friends. 

The pandemic has really limited what we can do because we all have had to lessen our social interaction. The great thing with YES is that we never stopped and weren’t affected as much. We converted to online events and meetings and have been planning throughout quarantine to host quality events for all of you to enjoy and have fun with. Join us for our next online event!"

Support City-wide Annual Youth Events

We invite you to support city-wide annual events for youth. Surrey is home to more than 60,000 diverse youth—one quarter of all youth in the Metro Vancouver area!

The City of Surrey engages young citizens by providing meaningful programming. Surrey Youth participate in planning these events through organizing committees, advising councils and focus groups. Hundreds of youth also volunteer at the events by hosting activities, taking on leadership roles and providing entertainment.

Together, we build capacity, strengthen community connections, develop leadership, and enhance the quality of life for Surrey residents. Contact to discuss opportunities.


For more information, contact and check for updates on the Surrey Youth Resources page.