View access points and review the Blueways Master Plan that outlines objectives to increase access to Surrey's waterways. 

Current Blueways Access

Nicomekl: Wards Marina (Elgin Heritage Park)

Ward’s Marina is the best location to access the Nicomekl River. There is a free boat launch complete with loading zone and parking is available near the boat launch. The parking here is limited though and is available on a first-come first-serve basis. This is the easiest location to launch a kayak or canoe and can be used at high and low tide. There are also amenities like washrooms and picnic tables within Elgin Heritage Park.

Nicomekl: Sea Dam (Elgin Road)

This is located where Elgin Road crosses the Nicomekl. There is a small area to unload a boat from your car, but then you’ll have to park on nearby roads. Please obey posted parking regulations.

Nicomekl: Sea Dam (Elgin Road) Access


Nicomekl: 155 St and 38A (40 Ave Bridge)

This launch does not have a loading zone or dedicated parking. Please obey posted parking regulations.

Nicomekl: 155 St and 38A (40 Ave Bridge) Access


Serpentine: Sea Dam (King George Blvd)

This is where King George Blvd crosses the Serpentine River, adjacent to Serpentine Fen.  From here you can head down river towards mud bay, where depending on the tide, it can be difficult to navigate. The Serpentine Fen is a great place to see birds, so this is a good choice for seeing wildlife. Parking here is limited and there are no nearby alternatives. Please obey posted parking regulations.

Serpentine: Sea Dam (King George Blvd) Access


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    About the Blueway Master Plan

    The City of Surrey has a number of rivers, lakes and oceanfront parks and access points.

    There are many opportunities to discover the City's many waterways. One of the most popular ways is as a paddler with a non-motorized boat, like a kayak or canoe.

    The Blueways Master Plan (30MB) examines the amenities and opportunities to encourage non-motorized recreational boating on waterways, to facilitate family enjoyment and public education in a way that supports the fish, wildlife and agricultural communities.

    Designated Blueway Routes in Surrey

    See the blueways river map (13MB), to get a general outline of the 3 designated routes.

    • Nicomekl River: The Surrey Floating Nature Trail provides an interpretation-based and controlled paddling experience on the lower Nicomekl River, with enhancements to separate paddlers and other boaters from sensitive waterfowl areas and seasons.
    • Serpentine River: The Serpentine Paddling Circuit provides a loop circuit for novice and exercise-oriented paddlers in the central Serpentine Valley.
    • Fraser River: The Fraser River Challenge provides a route for experienced paddlers from Surrey Bend to Brownsville Bar, as a part of a regional blueway paddling system throughout the Fraser Valley.

    Blueways Master Plan Principles

    • Use the Blueways Program to increase public respect for the fish and wildlife values of Surrey waterways, in particular waterfowl use in the Boundary Bay Wildlife Management Area.
    • Design a management plan that will avoid public access to private agricultural property including private dykes.
    • Encourage responsible recreational paddling on Surrey's waterways, within the carrying capacity of the waterways, both for comfort of people users as well as waterfowl.
    • Take an adaptive management approach to Surrey Blueways, where the program will be designed to adapt as more detailed information and use experience comes forward.
    • Phase in the program slowly, and direct short-term attention to realizing existing opportunities and solving existing conflicts, moving to gradual expansion of the program based on initial successes.
    • Create a recreational experience focused on family and entry-level paddlers in canoes and kayaks. Play a role in discouraging motorized watercraft above the seadams.
    • Offer a range of non-motorized watercraft experience, allowing for user choice and variety, as well as the upgrading of user paddling skills over time.
    • Enhance tourism and environmental offerings of the City of Surrey.
    • Recognize the limits of jurisdiction of the City of Surrey over navigable water use. The focus of this program will be on design and management of facilities owned and operated by the City and its direct partners. It is recognized that other agencies control navigable waters.