Review information about Surrey's 2020-21 shelter space for people experiencing homelessness. 

Extreme Weather Response (EWR) and Winter Shelters are locations that open up overnight to provide a warm place for people who are unhoused to sleep during the winter. The EWR and Winter Shelters are located in churches and community agencies. People are provided with a mat and bedding. These shelters are only open overnight.

2020-21 Winter Weather Shelters

The following winter weather shelters are open overnight, every night during the winter season until March 31:  

  • Pacific Community Church, 5337 180 St. (Cloverdale), 8pm – 7am: 20 mats for men and women
  • Peace Portal Church, 15128 27B Ave (White Rock / South Surrey), 8pm – 7am: 20 mats for men and women

2020-2021 Extreme Weather Response Shelters

The Provincial Extreme Weather Response (EWR) program provides homeless people with access to a warm, dry place to sleep during extreme weather conditions over the winter. EWR shelters open only when an ‘Extreme Weather Alert’ is called - when the weather threatens the health or safety of homeless people.

A current list of extreme weather response shelters in Surrey is provided below.

  • Shimai House, 13327 100A Avenue, 8pm – 7am: 4 mats for women
  • Fleetwood Christian Reform Church, 9165 160th St at Elim Village (Fleetwood), 7:30pm – 6:30am: 15 mats for men and women

How Extreme Weather Alerts Are Called

An extreme weather alert is called when weather conditions are severe enough that the life or health of homeless people are threatened. This can include:

  • Temperatures at or below 0 degrees Celsius.
  • Significant snow accumulation or sleet / freezing rain.
  • Significant windstorms that may be a dance for people living in wooded areas or makeshift shelters.
  • Periods of extended heavy rain that make it difficult for people to keep dry.

The EWR alert goes out to service providers, as well as first responders, Fraser Health and others that may interact with homeless people.

When the weather improves, the Extreme Weather Alert is ‘deactivated’ and the temporary EWR shelter spaces are closed.

Learn more about the Extreme Weather Program.

Find a shelter

Call 211 for information and availability, or access BC211’s list of shelters online.