Become part of social change in Surrey.

Creating social change with talent, resources and creativity

We are all part of social innovation and building a better Surrey. The key is that we all work together to search for better, modern solutions to some of the significant issues such as affordable housing, poverty, and health and safety, that face urban centres like ours.

Social innovation is a chance for citizens, government, academia, business and non-profit sectors to come together to enhance the development of Surrey. Social innovation in Surrey is guided by the social, economic and environmental priorities of our Sustainability Charter and complementary City strategies.

Become Part of Social Innovation in Surrey

Social innovation needs people. We'll achieve the most success with social innovation if citizens, governments, not-for-profits, academia and businesses all pool their energy to develop this network.

To become part of social innovation in Surrey, attend the next Surrey Social Innovation Summit or review some of the resources listed below.