Read how Surrey CityLab addresses important city topics. Post-secondary students are invited to take part in this experiential program.

Surrey CityLab is an experiential program for post-secondary students to address important city topics. Students will have the opportunity to

  • engage in real-world issues affecting the city,
  • gain a greater awareness of city priorities and challenges, and
  • become more civic-minded.

Projects vary depending on course focus and student interests. The focus of projects to date have included food security, public safety, and better inclusion of immigrants and refugees in community life.

Working Together

Students, faculty, and city staff work together to make Surrey a thriving, green, inclusive place. Students can work with faculty, city staff, and community experts to shape their project.

Surrey CityLab is made up of

  • Post secondary students,
  • Faculty from Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU),
  • Faculty from Simon Fraser University (SFU), and
  • City of Surrey Staff.

Register for Surrey CityLab

Get involved in this unique program! Courses are available through SFU or KPU.


City of Surrey, SFU and KPU have worked together on many projects that have enhanced Surrey. This includes the Healthier Communities Partnership, Surrey Sustainability Charter, Poverty Reduction Coalition, Newton Sustainability in Action Plan, and Public Safety Strategy to name a few.

Surrey CityLab was identified to find more opportunities to enhance Surrey and meet the goals of the Surrey Sustainability Charter.

In July 2018, a three-year Surrey CityLab pilot project was adopted by Surrey City Council. The first official semester of Surrey CityLab began in Fall 2018.


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