Surrey Youth Stewardship Squad

Do you love nature? Want to do your part to protect it? The Surrey Youth Stewardship Squad (SYSS) is a team of youth volunteers who protect and care for nature here in Surrey. We work on projects such as:
  • Planting native trees and shrubs
  • Removing invasive plants
  • Planning environmental projects to help teach people about the urban forest
  • Helping wildlife
  • Movie nights, field trips, and fun!

Benefits of being part of SYSS:

  • Get outdoor field experience
  • Plan and design environmental activities
  • Earn volunteer hours, improve your resume, and earn references (if you volunteer at 3+ events)
  • Meet other youth like you!

Join us for our upcoming Nature Art Jam on November 18th in partnership with the Community Art Program!

Sign up as a SYSS member and get emails about SYSS activities and events, or contact or 604-591-4076 for information on how to join SYSS!