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Leisure Access Program

The City of Surrey's Leisure Access Program provides an opportunity for permanent city residents in financial need to participate in Parks, Recreation and Culture activities at a very low cost. 

Program Benefits

The Leisure Access Program provides the following benefits to Surrey residents who qualify — and don't forget, the City offers many free programs on a monthly basis. To have these opportunities delivered directly to your inbox each month, sign up for Recreation Opportunities ENews.

Drop-In Admission discounts

  • One-year Full-Facility pass for Children (0 to 12) , Youth (13 to 18) and Seniors (60+) valid at all City of Surrey facilities
  • 75% discount on single admission or monthly or yearly passes for Adults (19 to 59)

Registered Program discounts

  • 75% discount on most registered courses
    • Maximum discount during year-long enrollment:
      • $500 per family member 18 years and younger
      • $250 per family member 19 years and older

An example for a registered program

  • If you register in a course that costs $100, as an LAP participant, you will pay $25. The balance of $75 will be paid by LAP. The $75 will also be applied to your discount limit. For a child with an annual discount limit of $500, this will leave $425 in discount the child can apply to other programs.
  • The discount on your drop-in admissions (yearly, monthly or swipe passes) does not affect your registered program discount limit.

Free skate & helmet rental at the arenas

Who can use the Leisure Access Program?

All permanent Surrey residents who meet the annual Family Net Income limitations may apply.

Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Family Net Income $19,774 $24,066 $29,968 $37,387 $42,572 $47,214 $51,855

Family: defined as 1 or 2 adult(s), legally married or common-law partner, and their legal dependents.

Family Net Income: as indicated on your Notice of Assessment(s), line 236.

How to Apply

  1. Download and complete the Leisure Access Application Form
  2. Bring your application form along with all required original documents to your nearest Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture facility for review

Required Documents

  • Notice of Assessment(s) for all adults in the Family
  • Good and Services Tax Credit
  • Canada Child Tax Benefit and BC Family Bonus Notice - only for applications with dependents
  • Proof of address (current bill/invoice in the name of 1 adult in the Family)
  • Government issued photo ID
  • T1 Form

I Don't Have the Documents, How Do Get Copies?

You can obtain reprints of the required documents by contacting the following organizations:

  • Notice of Assessment: Canada Revenue Agency 1-800-959-8281 **
  • Child Tax Credit: Child Tax Information 1-800-387-1193 **
  • Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) credit notice 1-800-959-1953 **

** These documents may also be printed directly from your Revenue Canada account by creating an account online.

  • T1: This document is created when taxes are prepared
    • If you prepared your taxes by hand, your copy of the worksheets is your T1
    • If you used tax preparation software, you would have been prompted to save a copy of your T1 at completion
    • If a third party prepared your taxes, a T1 should have been provided to you when the work was done.  If not, please contact the person/organization who prepared your taxes. 
  • Client Information Page (Method B)
    • Create a My Self Serve account online and follow the steps to register, then print your client information page.  

How to Use the Leisure Access Pass

Once you and your family have an active Leisure Access Pass, it is valid for all regular drop-in activities at all City of Surrey operated recreation facilities.

Drop-in activities include:

  • Swimming
  • Skating (helmet and rentals included)
  • Weight room
  • Fitness classes
  • Sports drop in

NOTE: A few drop-in specialty classes are not accessible via Leisure Access.

Seniors, adults, and kids in the park.

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