An easy, secure way to access payments and requests from any device.

Surrey is committed to delivering high-quality services to our residents and businesses in all possible ways. Over the years, we have brought many services online. Some of our existing online services require you to create an online account with a unique username and password. This often leads to residents having several different accounts in order to use our online services.

The City has created the MySurrey account to bring all these separate accounts together under one account, with the goal of making our online services easy to use and manage.

Why just one account?

Providing a single account to access multiple services is more convenient for residents. Having a single account makes it:

  • Easier to remember log-in credentials
  • More efficient to update information
  • More straightforward to access history of requested services
  • More secure to manage data in one place

Services Already Connected to MySurrey account:

For some of these services, having an account is optional. This means that you can use the service as a guest user, without having to sign in.

  • Parks, Recreation & Culture
  • Report a Problem (optional)
  • News and Updates subscriptions (optional)
  • Invoice Payments (optional)
  • Large Item Pickup (optional)
  • Fire Information Request (optional)
  • Traffic Camera Footage (optional)
  • Single Family Building Permit

Services Still Requiring an Individual Account:

  • Arts Centre tickets
  • Building Inspections
  • Business Licences
  • Careers
  • City Speaks
  • Dog Licensing
  • ESC Supervisor Reports
  • Electrical Permits
  • Paying for Property Taxes
  • Plumbing Permits
  • Property Information
  • Volunteering

No Account Required

There is no account required to use the following services:

  • Building Records Searches
  • Community Care Licence Inspections
  • Development/Building Inquiries
  • Fire Safety Plan Reviews
  • Freedom of Information Requests
  • Parking Tickets
  • Project IRIS Camera Registries
  • Property Taxes & Utilities Inquiries
  • Secondary Suite Fee Inquiries
  • Shelter Animal Bed Donations
  • Traffic Obstruction Permits
  • Tree & Landscaping Permits
  • Waste Cart Exchanges and Upgrades

Although there is no need to have a MySurrey account for these services, in the future we will explore ways to provide residents with the option of accessing these services through their existing MySurrey account.

How to Register 

Registering for MySurrey account is simple. Just follow the MySurrey link at the top of this page to sign up.


MySurrey Menu dropdown


After signing up, you will receive a verification email. Check your Spam folder if you do not receive a verification email right away.

Once you have signed in, you can update your profile and access the history of your activities through MySurrey account's Edit Profile and My Activities section.


Future Vision

Your MySurrey account will help us provide you innovative, enhanced and personalized experiences. Your single account will give you all the related information you need in one place, and make it easier and more efficient for you to access the relevant information.

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