Get a special water meter reading on a home you have purchased or are selling.

If you're purchasing or selling a home that has a water meter, your solicitor/conveyancing agent should arrange for a special water meter reading. This will ensure the unbilled water used by the previous owners is paid up to date.

If you are enrolled in the Auto-Debit Payment Plan, you must notify the Property & Payment Services Office before the next withdrawal date to end your plan. Fill out the Metered Utilities Auto-Debit Plan Request for Change Form and send it to us to cancel your plan. This will stop future withdrawals on your property's utility account. 

Special Meter Reading Requests

Have your solicitor request a special meter reading at least 2 weeks before your property's meter reading date. Meter readings are not available on weekends or statutory holidays.

If we can't accommodate your special reading request, we'll give you the next available date. We'll assume you accept this re-assigned date, unless you advise the Property & Payment Services Office otherwise.

Complete your Special Meter Reading Request Form and submit to  


The Special Meter Reading fee is $94.00. Your solicitor will be sent the final bill with the Special Read Fee.

The final water bill is due 30 days from when the special meter reading is done. If you pay late, you may receive a 5% penalty for a late payment.