Find the inspection areas for Building, Plumbing & Electrical Inspections.

Please refer to the map to confirm your area number for Building, Plumbing and Electrical inspections.

Open Inspection Area Map

Daily Inspection Line: 604-591-4650

Building Inspections

Contact Email Phone 
Devon Bolton 604-591-4656
David Peters 604-591-4588
Lee MacLeod 604-591-4121


Contact Email Phone 
Kyle May 604-591-4513
Reece Garcea 604-591-4011
Kishore Shangari 604-591-4239
Contact Email Phone 
Harprit Grewal 604-591-4345
Kevin Aney 604-591-4102
Doug Gardiner 604-591-4011
Contact Email Phone 
Jag Gill 604-591-4544

Electrical Inspections

Contact Email Phone
Todd Carroll 604-591-4227
Amit Dayal 604-591-4222


Contact Email Phone
Ryan Powell 604-591-4112
Mark Stevens 604-591-4457
Grant Davis 604-591-4457
Contact Email Phone
Aaron Bennest 604-591-4282

Plumbing Inspections

Contact Email Phone
Andy Brenner 604-591-4700
James Bordignon 604-591-4591
Matt Christiansen 604-591-4462


Contact Email Phone
Rod Duncun 604-591-4674
Ryan White 604-591-4337
Ivan Buljevic 604-591-4180
Contact Email Phone
Tim Sander 604-591-4242
Robert Trotman 604-591-4248
David Danziger 604-591-4671