Find the inspection areas for Building, Plumbing & Electrical Inspections.

Effective January 1, 2021, there has been an increase to most Planning & Development fees. Refer to our Bylaws for more information.

Please refer to the map to confirm your area number for Building, Plumbing and Electrical inspections.

Open Inspection Area Map

Daily Inspection Line: 604-591-4650

Building Inspections

Contact Email Phone 
Devon Bolton 604-591-4656
David Peters 604-591-4588
Lee MacLeod 604-591-4121


Contact Email Phone 
Kyle May 604-591-4513
Reece Garcea 604-591-4011
Kishore Shangari 604-591-4239
Contact Email Phone 
Harprit Grewal 604-591-4345
Kevin Aney 604-591-4102
Doug Gardiner 604-591-4011
Contact Email Phone 
Jag Gill 604-591-4544

Electrical Inspections

Contact Email Phone
Todd Carroll 604-591-4227
Amit Dayal 604-591-4222


Contact Email Phone
Ryan Powell 604-591-4112
Mark Stevens 604-591-4457
Grant Davis 604-591-4457
Contact Email Phone
Aaron Bennest 604-591-4282

Plumbing Inspections

Contact Email Phone
Andy Brenner 604-591-4700
James Bordignon 604-591-4591
Matt Christiansen 604-591-4462


Contact Email Phone
Rod Duncun 604-591-4674
Ryan White 604-591-4337
Ivan Buljevic 604-591-4180
Contact Email Phone
Tim Sander 604-591-4242
Robert Trotman 604-591-4248
David Danziger 604-591-4671