Protecting Waste Collection Workers during COVID-19

As a precaution for the health and safety of waste collection workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that you please:

  • Dispose of used personal hygiene products, wipes, face masks and gloves in your garbage cart.
  • Securely tie garbage bags shut and place in your garbage cart on your regular collection day.
  • If you’re sick or caring for someone who is sick, double bag all personal waste in plastic garbage bags.
  • Do not approach our waste collection drivers.

Waste Wizard

Use our Waste Wizard to learn how to properly dispose of your items.

Plastic Bags and Single-Use Items Bylaw

Surrey is working towards a Plastic Bags and Single-Use Items Bylaw. Once the Bylaw is passed in November 2021, businesses will no longer be able to provide plastic checkout bags or foam takeout containers. 

Two people in a crosswalk carrying cloth bags

Zero Waste Strategy

Recognizing the growing importance of addressing the impact of greenhouse gases and excess waste, the City of Surrey is taking action and developing a Zero Waste Strategy.

Garbage carts lined up

Book a Large Item Pick Up

Our new online service makes scheduling your pick up appointment more convenient. We've also increased the quota for items each year.

Book your next large item pick up.

A front load washing machine on the curb

Adopt a Street in Your Neighbourhood

Keep your street free of trash and debris by performing litter pickup at least once a month.

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