Waste carts at Surrey Yard

Learn how to exchange, replace, or order collection carts. Get information on how to deal with extra waste. 

Cart maintenance & responsibilities

Carts are registered to the address they are delivered to. Do not share or remove carts when you move.

Store your carts in a secure place on your property. Keep your carts clean to prevent pests by reviewing the cleaning tips on this page.

You are also responsible for the materials placed in your carts. Carts containing unacceptable materials will not be collected.

Ordering & exchanging carts

Depending on the needs of your household, you can:

  • exchange for larger or smaller carts
  • order additional carts
  • order replacements for lost or damaged carts

Eligibility & limits

  • Households can only place one order per year for additional carts and/or cart exchanges. Include all your cart-related requests in one order.
  • We will not replace carts because they are dirty—see the below tips about cleaning your carts.
  • Don't order a larger cart if you have extra waste from a one-time project—see the below tips on handling excess waste.

Before you order your cart

  1. Find the size of the cart you are replacing and/or the size of the new cart you would like. Cart size can be found on the top of the lid, near the handle.
  2. Find the serial number on your cart if you are returning it to the city (see below for more details)
  3. Have payment ready (see delivery fees below).

Place your order

This must be done via phone. Once you have all the information you need, contact the waste collection hotline at 604-590-7289.

Personal information

Personal information is collected for the purpose of processing your waste collection cart request. City of Surrey is collecting personal information pursuant to section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For questions regarding the collection of personal information, contact the Contracts and Solid Waste Manager, 6651 148 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 3C7. 604-590-7289.

Cart serial numbers

If you are exchanging, returning, or asking to replace a damaged cart, you must provide the serial number of the cart you are returning. This 6-digit number is displayed in white on the front side of your cart (location highlighted in the image below).

Serial Numbers shown on waste carts

Delivery fees

Additional carts

  • Additional garbage cart: $75
  • Additional recycling cart: $50
  • Additional organics cart: $50 (only permitted for lot sizes larger than 21,000 sq ft)
  • Delivery fee: $25

Cart exchanges (upsize or downsize only)

  • Cart exchange: $20
  • Delivery fee: $25

We will not replace carts because they are dirty. Please see cart cleaning tips below.

Damaged carts

  • Damaged cart replacement: $20
  • Delivery fee: $25

Stolen carts

  • Recycling cart replacement: $50
  • Organics cart replacement: $50
  • Garbage cart replacement: $75

Pickup is not available to replace stolen carts.

Extra garbage fees

Additional annual waste collection fees apply for additional or larger garbage carts.

Garbage cart size

(in litres)

Additional fee per year
Additional 120 L $168.00
Additional 180 L/240 L $337.00
Additional 360 L $505.00
Replace current size to 360 L $167.00


Cart dimensions

The following cart dimensions apply to all 3 carts: garbage, recycling, and organics carts. 

Cart size

(in litres)

Cart length

(in inches)

Cart width

(in inches)

Cart heights

(in inches)

Weight limit
120 L 24.25 in 19.75 in 37.50 in 112 lbs / 50.8 kg
180 L 28.75 in 23.50 in 37.50 in 122 lbs / 55.3 kg
240 L 31.75 in 24.25 in 41.75 in 224 lbs / 101.6 kg
360 L 35.75 in 29.75 in 43.25 in 335 lbs / 151.9 kg


Carts on neighbouring properties

If you have an issue with your neighbour's cart set-out location or someone placing items in your carts, your first step is to speak with them directly. The City does not engage in civil issues. However, if a neighbour’s cart is overflowing and causing litter issues, or is left at the curb for more than a day, you can submit a General Waste Collection request here.

Tips for handling extra waste

There is a lot of room in your standard cart, but if you run out of room in your garbage, recycling or organics carts, there are a few ways to address the waste that just doesn't fit.

Excess Organics (Yard & Garden Waste)

You can put extra yard waste, like leaves, lawn trimmings, and tree branches, in paper bags or extra cans next to your regular carts for pickup. There is no additional cost for placing extra bags or bundles of branches beside your cart.

  • Please make sure your green organics cart is completely full before using paper bags or extra cans.
  • If you regularly use additional bags or cans for yard waste, please request a larger or additional cart. Using carts when possible helps reduce the risk of injury to your driver and avoids mess.
  • Place extra organics waste next to your cart in paper bags, old yard waste containers with a yard waste sticker, or tied with natural twine in bundles no larger than 1 x 0.6 m (3 x 2 ft).
  • Yard waste stickers can be ordered by calling the Waste Collection Hotline 604-590-7289
  • The bags placed out for collection must not exceed 25 kg/50 lbs. 
Yard and Garden Waste graphic
Excess Recyclables
  • Flatten containers to save space in your recycling cart. 
  • Flattened cardboard boxes can be placed beside the cart, tied in bundles. Make sure they're cut to fit inside the cart.
  • If you regularly have extra recyclables, call the Waste Collection Hotline at 604-590-7289 to request a larger or additional cart.
Excess Garbage


Put extra garbage in a bag next to your cart with a pink Extra Garbage sticker, available for $5.50 at City Hall or participating Recreation Centres. Please call 604-591-4181 or your closest recreation facility to confirm availability.


Cart Cleaning Tips

Keep your carts clean by storing your carts in a cool, shaded, ventilated area and keep the lid closed. You can also wash your carts periodically with mild soap or a vinegar-water solution. Pour soapy water onto grass or gravel. Do not pour soapy water down outside drains. We also have a couple tips specific to your recycling cart and organics cart.

Recycling Cart

  • Empty and rinse containers before placing in your cart to prevent odours

Organics Cart 

  • Wrap and layer food scraps in newspaper, paper bags, paper towel or cereal boxes
  • Freeze meat scraps in a paper bag until collection bag
  • Sprinkle baking soda to reduce odours

Want someone else to clean out your organics cart? Research local cleaning companies online and keep your hands clean. Whatever method you use, your efforts are helping the City towards sustainability.

Kitchen Catcher Tips

  • Wrap food scraps in newspaper, paper bags*, paper towel, or place in cardboard boxes
  • Line the bottom of your kitchen catcher with old newspaper, cardboard, or a brown paper bag
  • Freeze food scraps in a paper bag until collection day
  • Keep the lid of your kitchen catcher closed
  • Sprinkle small amounts of baking soda over food waste if necessary to decrease odour
  • Wash your kitchen catcher out periodically with mild soap or a vinegar-water solution
  • Empty your kitchen catcher for collection every week even if it is not completely full

Plastic or compostable bags are not permitted.

Kraft paper bags are available for purchase at City recreation facilities for $1.00 (package of 10).

Learn how to fold a kitchen catcher newspaper insert to help keep your kitchen catcher clean.

food scraps liner instructions