Get reminders and alerts for your local waste collection program sent to your smartphone.

Download the free Rethink Waste mobile app to gain instant access to Surrey’s waste collection service information tailored specifically for your collection zone. Using just your address, access your own personalized collection schedule to see what is being picked up during any given week.

Find the app by searching “Surrey Rethink Waste” in Apple's App Store, or get it from Android Market.

App Features

Rethink Waste allows you to:

  • Receive collection day reminders and service updates
  • Receive waste collection updates during weather disruptions
  • Find waste collection set-out information
  • Identify materials accepted for recycling, composting or disposal
  • Find alternative disposal and recycling options
  • Access customer service phone numbers
  • Play our Rethink Waste Sorting Game

Rethink Waste Sorting Game

Learn Surrey’s waste collection rules in a fun way with our Rethink Waste Sorting Game. This game is a great resource for young children, families, teachers, and adults looking for a refresher on how to recycle and “what goes where”.

This game is also available on our Rethink Waste app, available for free download.