COVID-19 and Plumbing Service Changes

Plumbing Registered User Online Registrations: Online registrations are currently being accepted by email. Emailed registration requests will not require Photo ID verification. Please email all necessary information and attachments to For more information, visit the Online Plumbing Permit Applications page. 

Inspections: Plumbing inspections are still being scheduled. Until further notice, premises that are occupied prior to final inspection will no longer be inspected. This is in accordance with the recent Provincial Health Officer (PHO) orders. Site reviews of other occupied properties and spaces will, in some cases, continue to be carried out with alternative review methods and/or specific protocols.

In-person Site Reviews of occupied premises may be required and will involve additional safety measures and increased levels of service and effort, such as the Site Reviews for Final Permit Acceptance and Occupied Spaces Checklist. Final Building Site Reviews will continue to require in-person attendance from Building Officials. For more information, please refer to the Site Reviews for Final Permit Acceptance and Occupied Spaces Bulletin.

Pick ups and Drop offs: Note that Surrey City Hall has switched to appointment-only. Hard copies of plans, applications and other documents normally accepted at 2W, 3W and 4W counters are to be left in the drop box near the public entrance at Parking Level P1. Pick up of issued permits, plans and other documents normally from 2W, 3W and 4W is now at the Reception Desk at 1W.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to keep you informed of any other temporary service implementations and changes. We appreciate your patience and flexibility at this time. Please visit this site regularly to get the latest information.

Changes to the Transfer of a Plumbing Permit Process

The Transfer of a Plumbing Permit process has been updated as of March 2021. Issued plumbing permits are owned by the registered trade qualified plumbing contractor.

To transfer a permit to a new plumbing contractor please complete the following:

For further information please contract

Plumbing Bylaw

All plumbing projects within the City of Surrey must follow the rules and regulations in the Surrey Plumbing Bylaw.

Online System

Contractors can apply for plumbing permits online using the plumbing permit application system. Before using the system, you must register in person at City Hall with documentation of your Trades Qualification card if applicable, a business licence, and a valid email address.

Plumbing Pipes

Online Plumbing Permit Application

Registered Plumbing Users can now apply online and pay by credit card for the following types of buildings and work proposed.


General Information

Plumbing Inspections


Permit Amendments