Find out the business licence inspection process and requirements, and then schedule an inspection.

After an application is made with Business Licensing, inspections are required by the Building, Electrical, and Plumbing sections. Applications are sent to each section for an initial inspection and results of inspections are automatically forwarded to Licensing on your behalf.

If there are items that require correction the applicant will be required to attend to these items and contact the respective section for approval.

If there are any active permits for the location you have applied for they will be required to have final approval before approval can be granted for the business licence. This includes permits that were applied for when the previous tenant(s) occupied the building.

If final approval is granted for a permit it is the responsibility of the licensee to schedule an inspection using their Business Licence number with the respective sections. Please contact Inspection Sections (below) directly to make sure your Business Licence is approved after your permit has received final approval, as these are separate processes.

Please note for Building Permits that have Electrical or Plumbing requirements these permits must have final approval prior to the Final Approval of the Building Permit.

Scheduling Inspections

Contact each section separately for an appointment or if a re-inspection is required. Inspections scheduled through the incorrect phone line cannot be processed.

Inspections can be scheduled through our 24 hour lines by answering the prompts and stating the Business Licence Application number instead of a permit number, and "Business Licence" as the type of inspection.