Tree Sales

Surrey residents—get ready for the next tree sales on August 24 and September 28! Buy up to three trees for $20 each to help grow Surrey's urban forest. Purchases are made online and then later picked up from the Surrey Operations Centre. Please note eligibility and limits have changed.

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A person holding a tree.

Help Water Surrey’s Street Trees

With the warmer weather, many of Surrey’s 80,000 street trees could use your help! If a young tree near your home has a watering bag, you can fill it twice per week. For older trees, you can use a tree watering bucket. Think a young street tree could use a watering bag or you would like a free tree watering bucket? Call 604-501-5050 or email

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Person spraying water into a watering bucket.

Surrey's Urban Forest

Surrey takes pride in its rich biodiversity, including shade trees and natural areas such as forests, meadows and wetlands. The City is committed to ensuring Surrey stays and grows into an even greener city.

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Aerial shot of Green Timbers Urban Forest Park.

Surrey Parks Volunteer Opportunities

Get to know and love Surrey's urban forest by volunteering in the parks & green spaces in your community.