Surrey Tree Sales

Join us for our spring tree sales! Purchase affordable, quality tree(s) this March and April. Each tree planted contributes to growing Surrey's urban forest. Choose from an assortment of fruit trees, magnolias, and more! Eligibility and limits apply.  

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A person holding a tree.

Spring Releaf

Plant shrubs and trees with us this spring to help grow Surrey's urban forest! Each plant helps create shade, improve air quality, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and boost biodiversity in parks. 

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A family planting a tree.

Surrey's Urban Forest

Surrey takes pride in its rich biodiversity, including natural areas such as forests, meadows and wetlands. The City is committed to ensuring Surrey stays and grows into an even greener city.

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A small boy climbing a large tree

Surrey Parks Volunteer Opportunities

Get to know and love Surrey's urban forest by volunteering in the parks & green spaces in your community.