Surrey Animal Resource Centre

Visit the Surrey Animal Resource Centre if you have lost or found an animal, to adopt a pet, donate to the animals or get information about volunteering.

Outside of the Surrey Animal Resource Centre building.

Animal services

The City inspects and investigates animal-related complaints to ensure compliance with acts, bylaws and regulations, including the Animal Responsibility Bylaw.

Call the Bylaw Call Centre (604-591-4370) for:

  • Response to calls for stray and injured domestic animals, as well as wildlife requiring immediate medical assistance. Officers are available between 8am and 6pm.
  • Response to safety concerns involving an animal, as well as animals jeopardizing the safety of the public, such as dogs at large.
  • Pick up of lost domestic animals for return to their owners or transport to a shelter for safekeeping while providing the owner the opportunity to locate their pet.
  • Removal of dead wildlife and domestic animals on public or private property (when owner unknown).
  • Animal noise, including excessive and persistent noise from barking dogs.
  • Dangerous acts committed by dogs, such as dog bites or attacks.

Renew your dog licence

If you already have a dog licence and you're looking to make a renewal payment, you can submit your payment online.