Prevent or deal with rat or mice problems in Surrey.

Reporting a problem with rats or mice

Contact the right agency as soon as you notice a rat or mouse problem. Rats can cause health concerns, so it's important to do something right away.

Rodents on your property

Contact a wildlife control agency or certified pest management company. Get recommendations from friends, family or coworkers. Choose a company which is humane, environmentally sound and that uses modern methods.

Resources for managing rodents on your property

Rodents on City property

Use our online Report a problem tool.

Rodents near restaurants, grocery stores or places with food

Contact the Surrey Health Protection Office by:

Phone: 604-930-5405

Fax: 604-930-5415


Domestic (pet) rat and mice issues

Surrey Animal Control only handles domestic (pet) rat and mice issues. If you have an issue with domestic (pet) rats or mice, call 604-591-4370.


Preventing rat and mouse problems

Block them from getting in
  • Seal any opening you think a rat or mouse can get into. Try to block any opening bigger than 1cm.
  • Make sure your garage door touches the ground.
  • Check your basement for cracks and holes.
  • Replace broken drier vents.
Secure food and food waste
  • Store your dried goods in sealed containers, and not anywhere on the ground or where a rodent could easily get to.
  • Keep your garbage, recycling and organics carts clean and closed.
  • Keep your BBQ clean and put away any leftovers right away.
  • Feed your pets indoors. Don't leave food dishes outdoors or on your porch.
  • Store your pet food securely, and preferably inside.
  • If you're a restaurant owner, make sure to manage your commercial waste bin well.
Maintain your yard and garden
  • Grow mint: rats hate mint and many other herbal smells, so get your garden growing with these herbs. 
  • Pick your vegetables from your garden often - they can otherwise be tasty treats for rodents.
  • Use rodent-proof bird feeders and sweep up any bird seed that falls on the ground.

How we deal with rodents at City facilities

To reduce the risk of wildlife poisoning, second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides are highly restricted in British Columbia.

Surrey has eliminated the use of rodenticides for managing rodents at our facilities. We now use mechanical methods like snap traps and bolt traps. This approach is more efficient and easier to monitor than using rodenticides.