Coastal Flood Adaptation Projects

CFAS in Action

To help our coastal communities become more resilient, the City developed an award-winning Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy (CFAS) for Surrey’s coastal floodplain area.

We're implementing the first phase of CFAS with 13 coastal flood adaptation projects to increase community resilience and safety. Projects include:

  • Colebrook Dyke Upgrades;
  • Serpentine River Sea Dam Replacement; 
  • Mud Bay Foreshore Enhancement; and more.
flood plains and a blue sky
large body of water

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance for Homeowners

Wastewater, known as any “used” water that goes into a drain, can have a major impact on our homes, businesses, and the natural environment.

Since the service connection is on your property, we need your help to keep it clear and working properly. Follow our tips to keep your sewer pipes working properly.